Repair Bluetooth connectivity

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In this guide we look for ways to Bluetooth connectivity repair. If you have problems connecting your laptop or PC via Bluetooth, we offer you some tricks to correct. That will depend on the model and steps available.

Consider that the proper functioning will depend on the type of connectivity: to listen to music or transfer data such as documents to print or share.

technical notice

We suggest in any case, identifying the device with the administrator (or with an external program like HardInfo). You will also need to know the terminal for certain tasks that do not offer a graphical interface. Other details although related to wireless interfaces you will find in Recognize wireless network card.

Remember that devices must be certified or indicated to use GNU / Linux and in consequence, Deepin. We assume that the closer the brand has to Linux, the better your chances. An example would be the versions that operate and that in the most recent ones offer high fidelity sound or low energy consumption. Now check if it recognizes when turning on both the computer or laptop and the device (without energy saving and uncovered or visible).

An important factor is the version of Linux, as each update covers various brands of devices. You can see more information about updates on the Linux kernel.

Before continuing

To check if the Bluetooth service works, just go to the Control Center. If this fails you should use the terminal with bluetoothctl.


If it fails, usually display this warning:

Waiting to connect to bluetoothd ...
Waiting to connect to bluetoothd…

If it works and recognizes exclusively in this way, it is presumed that there is a fault with the center with control center. You can try other alternative and intuitive programs like blueman GNOME.

Possible solutions to repair Bluetooth connectivity

Check if the laptop supports Bluetooth

In laptops the Bluetooth device shares with the Wifi device. This type of problem is fixed by re-updating the service and configuring again as in later solutions. If the problem persists on a laptop, you will need to reinstall the wireless driver as explained in Repair connectivity .

Make sure first to correct connectivity to the network to rule out an internal fault. If that happens, there is no choice but to use other solutions such as a Usb connector.

Start Bluetooth services

To configure Bluetooth from the terminal you will have to initialize from the terminal manually with sudo service bluetooth start. runs sudo hciconfig hci0 up to check your configuration.

Si no se ejecuta correctamente, comprueba si los paquetes del sistema bluetooth, bluez Y pulseaudio-module-bluetooth are installed. The latter is required for audio peripherals with Pulseaudio.

sudo apt install bluetooth bluez pulseaudio-module-bluetooth

Now the service is operational.

matching device

To pair devices you can use the tools shown above. In the case of the terminal we suggest bluetoothctl and follow the instructions provided by the software. In the case of data transfer, the code must match between the computer and the device.

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Note: You can also try Bluez-tools. Which runs the execute command bluetooth-agent.

To determine whether your device is locked

Identifying if the equipment does not allow the use of this service for some security reason depends on executing the command:

sudo rfkill list

It is then checked to see if it suffers from a mild or critical block. If that happens, run in the terminal.

sudo rfkill unblock bluetooth

If you do not work, report the bug

If you have found a solution to correct the connectivity problem, reports on Comments Deepin. Be brief, in English, with the device model in question. By the way, you can share your experience with the brand of the device (or the laptop) in thecommunity forum.

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