QCAD is a program of two-dimensional computer design. Supports DWF and supports vector drawing. In addition, it allows the elaboration of points, lines, arches, geometric figures, texts, shading, fills, among others.

For version 3 the app was released in 2011 and eventually released under GPL in 2013.

How to use this program

The program has a series of main buttons to save, undo, enlarge the image, and so on. On the left side you will have some tools to add geometric objects, lines with angles and texts. On the opposite side, you will have a property editor to give you a thickness, color and linetype and a list of layers. The center is the working field with a built-in ruler and a guide point.

Editor QCAD en blanco
Blank QCAD editor.

The easiest way to add is by line segments, from the toolbar select the "Line tools" button, and you can automatically place it at a specific point. Starts from the starting point when you click and then continues point-by-point until finished by closing the shape or right-clicking. You can change the automatic mode to "Do not force" to make a free path or try other options on the left (properties) and top (size, shape, etc.) sides.

Dibujo de línea recta.
Straight line drawing.

You can repeat the steps when creating a square, a polygon with more sides, or a circle. When you add more circles, there will be other options to symmetrically position the figure as well as eliminate part of the figures that you consider unnecessary. Everything you do will be registered in a series of commands that is displayed at the bottom of the CAD editor.

Download QCAD

At Deepin 20, this application can be downloaded from your website as run executable. There are two modes, the Professional, which is paid and the QCAD Community Edition, which is free (deactivating the corresponding add-on).

Another way to install is by third parties such as the repository of notesalexp.org (experimental) or via AppImage in Bitray (outdated).

further reading

QCAD - Deepin Wiki in Spanish

QCAD is a design program for the elaboration of two-dimensional designs. Supports DWF. It allows the elaboration of points, lines, figures, among others.

Operating system: Deepin 15, 20, 20.1

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