File manager

The file manager, del inglés File Manager, es indispensable en Deepin. Te permite explorar los records, Modify and manage them.

It is easy to use, customizable with packages icons and integrated directly with the user interface environment. Analogous to the File Explorer.

Why the file manager

Because the stable version was launched in 2015, some features Nautilus (GNOME) and Dolphin (KDE) would not be available in the Deepin manager. You can review the source code Github.


Desde la versión 1.7:

  • Pestañas
  • Tema osucro
  • Tags (marcadores)
  • Previsualización de contenido
  • Mostrar archivos ocultos (Control + H)


Comes by default on the desktop (for more details default applications). If you use in unofficial versions of Deepin I have installed by default and you can not uninstall for security reasons.

Lectura adicional

  • Manual del gestor de archivos: parte 1 Y 2

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