Deepin Store

Deepin Store
Deepin Store (Store Deepin)

Deepin Store (alias Deepin shop) It is an original application Deepin OS. It is accessible from and its pre-installed application. It allows you to access thousands of applications and installs in one click.

Deepin Store Properties

In the application store has cataloged thousands. Some applications are web links. In addition, others are adapted for Android and complements other applications.

Can install multiple applications while selling downloads with no need administrator permission For the users. You can also manage installed. Finally, you can donate to the developer.

You can also use Deepin account to post comments. Registration required.

Application List

Esta tienda lleva diferentes categorías, incluyendo una selección de populares. Para instalar basta hace clic en ese botón. Revisa our catalog para conocer qué programas está disponible en Deepin.


  • Main page
  • Internet
  • Mensajería (Chat)
  • Music (Music)
  • Video
  • Graphics (Graphics)
  • Games (Game)
  • Office (Office)
  • Reading (Reading)
  • Development)
  • System (System)
  • Other (Others)

regional editions

Deepin tiene dos ediciones. Siendo Internacional la versión recomendada por la mayoría.

Centric applications that country. WeChat stands, AliPay, among others. However, it would not be translated into other languages.All applications. Accessible from around the world.

Change History

  • 4.0: Between 2016 and 207
  • 5.0: In 2018

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