Deepin Recovery

Deepin Recovery It is a subsystem designed in critical situations. It is equivalent to "Safe Mode". Available from Deepin 15.5 and activated from the boot menu (GRUB). Some preinstalled applications also they carry Recovery.

Upgrade: In Deepin 15.11 no longer comes preinstalled, for this you need to download from the app store first. We apologize for the inconveniences.

Centro de Control en Deepin Recovery


It Included Firefox (Short version), the terminal, screen capture, file manager, Deepin Repair, GParted Y Deepin Clone. Also it incorporates Control center to set the display and keyboard.

Captura de Deepin Recovery


The package integrates this feature is live-filesystem. Do not worry, you're already urged. Otherwise, if you upgrade from 15.4, you must get it fromDeepin Store, Synaptic or Apt. If you can not access, we suggest you prepare your boot disk from the download page. Útlimo remember that this is an emergency measure to support partitions.

We recommend Internet connection via cable because some contradores WiFi They are not installed.

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