Manual Deepin

The Manual Deepin (Deepin Manual or DManual) It is a guide only to new users. If you are new (a) in this operating systemWe recommend accessed from the Launcher. It has illustrations and guides to the original applications (such as preinstalled).

Version 2 was announced in 2018 and is included from 15.9.

Manual de Deepin

What's Manual Deepin offers

The manual contains a series of tutorials and step on the various original applications included in Deepin. also it includes the graphical environment.

You have more than 20 manuals in English (with texts in Spanish) with illustrations and steps as clearly as possible. Since it is based largely on graphical interface, it will be more like adapt. Is displayed when the program is installed, note. Many of them have on the wiki to consult with other users.

Access from Deepin OS

  1. As a shortcut
    1. Open from pitcher or search for it as Manual.
    2. Click on one of the applications.
    3. Look in the sidebar to explain how to do such activity.
  2. Another way to access in the preinstalled application, press the context menu. Then click Help.

Access from the wiki

In the Deepin wiki, Have available a series of articles copied from the manual. They are available in Spanish. You can also perform a search on some original application to find a copy of your manual.


Here are the topics covered this manual are shown. The information comes from the version 15.11. May not reflect changes in future releases.

  1. Deepin Desktop Manual
    1. Starting screen
    2. Pitcher
    3. Window Management
    4. Control center: 1st Y part 2
  2. File Manager or File Manager: 1st Y part 2
  3. Store or App Store
  4. Boot maker
  5. Monitor System or System Monitor
  6. Terminal
  7. Movies
  8. Music
  9. Pictures viewer or Image Viewer
  10. Screen capture or Screenshot
  11. Screen Recorder
  12. Voice Recorder
  13. Cloud Print
  14. Cloud Scan
  15. Calculator
  16. Repair
  17. Clone
  18. Publisher

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