List of mirrors software Deepin

This page lets you see the list of Deepin software mirrors (English "Mirror"). A repository mirror is a copy of the original software container for install I to update.

This is the first of two parts, to update faster installation packages that the official repository China. Look for the nearest to the place you are visiting the page mirror.

The mirrors are listed in the original version of Deepin. That is, we will not include non-Debian based and other implementations.

Before continuing

Have you used first control center? If you have not done, do it now. Accede to Updates and changes to one of them. Come back to this page if you can not change the repository.

Want to get ISO Deepin? Uses page List of mirrors for CD. You'll notice a slight change with links.

This contribution originated from the Telegram group Deepin en Español. If you want to copy, cite the source, it is under Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 4.0. It is a form of to thank. If you want to add a mirror repository to the list, see this wiki page.

Note: URL and distribution of the repositories

Some repositories use the HTTPS protocol for safety, that is our priority. If you have problems using this repository, remove the s the https:.

Before: Now:

Remember that the repository uses distributions to indicate which packages will be installed. More or less equivalent to the "code name" of the Deepin version. Make sure the "code name" is the same as the original.

First: Choose one from the list of mirrors

🌍 America:

🌍 Europe and Africa:

🌍 Asia and Oceania:

Second: Changing Repository

To add a mirror to the system, try adding a line in the file sources.list from the text editor or Synaptic:

deb [by-hash = force] (website) panda main contrib non-free


deb [by-hash = force] panda main contrib non-free

Note: The branch panda It ensures that Deepin uses stable packages designed for the operating system.

Third: Upgrading packages

This is the easiest step. From the terminal type this code, type administrator password and executes:

update && sudo apt sudo apt-and full-upgrade


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