First steps

Ilustración para primeros pasos
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Thank you for using Deepin. Welcome to this operating system. You'll have great with a different perspective while intuitive and practical it is to use. In Deepin in Spanish We have a collection of items to start using with the help of the wiki. In addition, you will learn in depth with Manual Deepin or look at the FAQ After reading these first steps.

First steps

Deepin is an operating system designed for easy home or business development. To begin, you should know that the mechanism is familiar from its installation. Later you'll need to store your documents, download applications, add shortcuts and configure.

Aviso importante

Si al comenzar notas algún problema de arranque, recomendamos reportar lo antes posible en el foro. O, también, mediante la application Comments. Remember, only we focus on Deepin improve it and help other people to enjoy the best way.

–Atentamente. La comunidad de Deepin en Español.


Here we offer the necessary tools. Office suites for documents, spreadsheets and slides. In addition to guides for various types of use. And of course, media players to view or listen to content. Remember that Deepin provides compatibility with Microsoft Windows certain applications, reducing reliance on software in practical terms.

Deepin in Spanish we encourage community activities related to video gameand heapps development.

Backup and Recovery

Do not forget to support your team. Here are some tutorials to learn. Even if your computer is compromised, try this step to starting this guide

additional steps

Additional details about the hardware and compatibility with certain peripherals.

For the curious

For those who need more details, we suggest reviewing selection of tutorials. Some of them resort to the terminal (Aa because the absence GUI). If you want to encrypt documents to protect your information, we have a page speaking to respect.

Tenemos a disposición un recopilatorio de artículos bajo la etiqueta correspondiente.

Need help?

persona sonriente

We know it's the first time this wiki consultation and we welcome you. Here, you have a search engine to find more than 400 items related to Deepin. Certain issues are frequent consultations from the community forums.

We encourage you to participate in its evolution suggesting new topics in the forum.

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