Change the language in WPS

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For change the language WPS  have some options shown below. Include the local language dictionary. Remember to download a patch that only works for a certain version (we apologize if it does not work).

If you want to change the system language or keyboard layout, try this option.

Doubts that generate multiple users to collect section FREQUENTLY ASKED QUESTIONS Wiki Deepin. Deepin respond to issues, characteristics, applications, among others. The community of fans who are Deepin in Spanish seeks to convey these issues in a matter of seconds.

The preferred method to change the language in WPS

  1. For that you need from the community repository deepines.
  2. Once installed and added the install package repository wps-full-fix-es with Synaptic or the terminal: sudo apt install wps-full-fix-es

WPS 2019 update: wps-full-fix-es It contains the language pack wps-fix-es and dictionary wps-dicc-es. We recommend install that instead of its previous.

Font: Deepin in Spanish

classical method

  1. Install the package deb wps-dictionary since your website and moved to ~/.kingsoft/office6/dicts/ or /opt/kingsoft/wps-office/office6/dicts/.
  2. Finally set the language and the dictionary from the settings.

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