Repair Bluetooth connectivity

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In this guide we look for ways of Bluetooth connectivity repair. If you have trouble connecting your laptop or PC via BluetoothWe offer a few tricks to correct. That depends on the model and steps available.

technical notice

We suggest in any case, identify the device HardInfo. Other details related to wireless interfaces even find Recognize wireless network card.

Remember that devices must be certified or indicated for use GNU / Linux and in consequence, Deepin. We assume that the more approach has the mark with Linux, you have better chances. You will also need to know the terminal for certain tasks.

An important factor is the version as often added drivers for Linux. You can find more information about updates on the Linux kernel.

Before continuing

To check if the Bluetooth service works, just go to the Control Center. If this fails you will need to use the terminal bluetoothctl.


If it fails, usually display this warning:

Waiting to connect to bluetoothd ...

If that works and recognize exclusively in this way, it is presumed that there is any fault with the Center control center. You can try other alternative programs and intuitive as blueman GNOME.

Possible solutions to repair Bluetooth connectivity

Start Bluetooth services

If the service does not work Bluetooth must boot from the terminal manually sudo service bluetooth start. runs sudo hciconfig hci0 up to check your configuration.

If not executed properly, check if the system packages bluetooth, bluez Y pulseaudio-module-bluetooth they are installed.

sudo apt install bluez bluetooth pulseaudio-module-bluetooth

matching device

For matching devices you can use tools shown above. In the case of the terminal we suggest bluetoothctl and follow the instructions provided by the software.

Font: Debian

Note: You can also try Bluez-tools. Which runs the execute command bluetooth-agent.

Check if the laptop supports Bluetooth

In laptops shares Bluetooth device with WiFi. First make sure to correct connectivity. If that fails, we recommend using a compatible adapter Usb connector.

To determine whether your device is locked

Simply run the command:

sudo rfkill list

After it is checked whether or suffers from a mild critical block. If that happens, running on the terminal.

sudo rfkill unblock bluetooth

If you do not work, report the bug

If you found a solution to correct the connectivity problem, reports in Comments Deepin. Be brief, in English, with the model of the device.

further reading

alternative word: Bluethoot

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