Correct problem and increase wifi signal device

This page show you how wifi device to correct problem. It is pointing to several users Deepin.

The steps that we offer are not infallible as we seek to optimize connectivity. We recommend identifying problems first. If you still have problems with the device, you should consult a specialist and repaired as soon as possible.

Identifying Problems

Problems are identified in these examples:

  • Check if Deepin recognizes the wireless device from notifications or control center (See proposal 1).
  • If the device is connected and working properly. If it fails or is not configured properly visit the Proposal 3.
  • Now you need to check the speed and latency (see section). If the speed is high, the problem is not related to your network. If the speed is slow on various websites, go to the proposed 2 to restart the modem and try again.
  • If you are in a remote location of the modem, then check the power of the network card. Proposal 4 will serve to boost the signal.

Speed ​​and Latency

Through web pages as You can identify the speed and latency of the network where you connect. Another option is using the command ping to the URL where you visit. Take a quiz to the web site you visit and if there is a connectivity problem is that the website you're visiting suffers from an overload or an attempt to DDOS.


Proposals to correct the problem of the device wifi

Proposal 1: Find the device

The simplest way to connect the wireless device is going to the notification bar. Right click and select "Network Settings". Make sure you have enabled wireless connectivity.

If Deepin recognizes no two possibilities:

Proposal 2: Restart Cache

If Deepin is with slow network, it is because the system is resorting to updates or are consuming too much local content. The solution would clear the cache. You can from terminal:

  • service nscd restart (Nscd service)
  • service dnsmasq restart (DNS)
  • rndc restart

Please make sure that make a backup.


Proposal 3: Check the modem settings

The modem is responsible for distributing data cable or wireless. The first thing you could do is turn off the modem 30 and relighting. So the network does not warrant that saturates much information.

If it does not need to check how it is configured. If the IP provider offered you the device, see if installed correctly. If the problem persists contact product provider to replace it with another.

Proposal 4: Enhance signal and avoid interference

Sometimes there is interference by using walls, weather or saturation. This may be due to limitations in power Gigahertz interface to distribute the network. To make a more powerful antenna gets a beverage, a metal cylinder, a coaxial cable and a connector. Replaces the factory antenna with home and try it.

If however, it is not the only option. You can use a dish antenna to increase range. Otherwise, you'll have to replace more powerful devices like "bashing".

If no signal, try updating the Linux kernel

This step is very risky. So we left on a Article explaining.

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