Energy saving

This is a contribution to use services energy saving in Deepin. Overall, energy saving is automatic. In addition to this, there are other services separately for power management.

Good advice: Effects window off from the Control center.

Energy review

There are applications hardinfo or powerstat to display information from your computer.

Representación de baterías para ahorro de energía
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TLP service

This tool meets these purposes:

  • Adjust the core and portable power;
  • Manage power supply and hard drives;
  • Save data and wireless sound card;
  • Off peripherals such as Wi-Fi, Bluetooth and screen;
  • Calibrates the battery.


  1. To avoid conflicts check if you quickly install laptop-mode-tools
    • You can uninstall this package
  2. Install service sudo apt install tlp
  3. runs sudo tlp start
  4. ThinkPad only: install other packages sudo apt install tp-smapi-dkms acpitool
  5. If you want to make a diagnosis sudo apt stat

More information: TLP

Graphic interface

There is a graphical version for easy call management TLPUI. It is available in Github repositories.


This tool is similar to TLP. Although I thought about APPRAISAL.

It is installed with sudo apt install powertop. And it runs with sudo powertop. If you want to save a copy of the registry before starting use sudo powertop --html=powertop.html.

Additional packages for energy savings

If you are interested, you can also try other packages to optimize energy. Before installing we recommend reviewing the description of these to avoid side effects.

  • laptop-mode-tools: Enables a set of tools using the "laptop mode".
  • smartmontoolsDisplays information related to SMART hard drives
  • ethtoolDisables the Wake on LAN or "Power from LAN"


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