Encrypting Documents folder

There are ways to Documents folder encryptWhere they are stored personal or private content. This method is safe from intruders with the opportunity to regain access remotely. For that you need administrator permissions, a pencil and paper.

Remember that this step is for users with knowledge of the terminal, some details were omitted to simplify procedures.


Candados en masa, para repredsentar como cifrar carpeta Documentos
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  • Must have the package ecryptfs-utils. From the ends you can install:
    sudo apt-get install ecryptfs-utils
  • You need space to copy the folder "Home". To reduce the load, move your documents (Home) in another USB drive. After terminal, move the files to the source.
  • This function does not plan to encrypt the hard disk to not limit performance and boot the computer. However, you can consume some RAM and CPU.

Procedure Documents folder encrypt

  1. Load the module to be added in the boot list;
    sudo modprobe ecryptfs
  2. Sign out and starts from the virtual terminal;
  3. It runs from the terminal, with the username username;
    sudo ecryptfs-migrate-home -u username
  4. Once the Documents folder is encrypted, runs ecryptfs-unwrap-passphrase to obtain the recovery key and save it if necessary;
  5. Restarts the computer or typing "sudo reboot" command;
  6. When you open the file manager will have two folders Home, you're using and a copy unencrypted, if you want to move it or delete it;
  7. Now, I finished encrypt the Documents folder, you are ready to use.

Explanatory notes to encrypt Documents folder

  • Another method is to make this process rather than the TTY is to have a temporary account.
    • Believe it since "Control center> Accounts ";
    • Open the terminal from the temporary account and deletes the account when finished to 100%;
    • That method is not infalibe, you must delete the entire folder to delete the user account.
  • The folder where documents are saved in /home/.ecryptfs/[nombredeusuario]. subfolder .Private contiene los archivos de usuario cifrados e inaccesibles para otros sistemas operativos sin la clave.
    • In addition to the already encrypted in the folder /home you have a copy of user files. You can move it or delete it directly.
  • You can also encrypt the partition SWAP sudo apt-get install cryptsetup Y sudo ecryptfs-setup-swap.
    • We do not recommend to pursue this option because of its high consumption and alter the performance of the team.
  • If your device is in Emergency Mode and want to reinstall Deepin, we recommend you follow the following steps to move an external drive.

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