Develop boot disk

To elaborate Boot disk It is essential for install Deepin. It contains the information for possible installation. Here are several options to make, including easy for DVD and USB. This option is universal.

After Deepin on a desktop or laptop requires a boot drive (boot Disk). In Deepin in Spanish show you how to do it.


  • Any storage device:
    • USB with 4GB minimum storage.
    • A DVD. It does not work with CD.
  • Disk reader or USB
  • Any of these programs:

Note: If you use Windows Rufus, we recommend the portable version weighing about megabytes.


Deepin Boot Maker (USB drive)

  1. Deepin-xx.iso select the file (the name varies)
  2. Choose the storage device
  3. Confirm and wait a few minutes

Rufus (USB only)

  1. Select the device;
  2. Click the icon to the side of "ISO image"And select-xx.iso Deepin the file (the name varies)
  3. Leave the recommended configuration:
    • Computer GPT partition UEFI
    • FAT32 file system
    • Labels "Create boot disk" and "Quick Format" marked
  4. Press "Start"

Unetbootin (USB and disk)

  1. Select "Disk Image" and select the file
  2. Select the type "USB Drive" or "CD" and the unit
  3. You accept


This method is intended for frequent users with terminal equipment and limited resources: Visit this page.


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