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Here are the steps for update Deepin to a higher version, provided that the support device. For that you need to free disk space, select a repository mirror and try it. You'll need the latest version of the system for optimal results.

To find the important updates, check the Homepage.

Preparation and disk space

Deepin before upgrading your computer must be prepared:

  • Ten to the least 10GB of free space HDD to download the files;
    • Test files that do not need cleaning
  • Your computer must be connected to the Internet via wired or WiFi;
  • Close the resource-intensive applications;
    • Use "Force Quit" if the program is not responding.
  • Do not turn off the computer;
    • If you use the test terminal unchecking "Suspend your computer"
    • For laptops, the remaining percentage should exceed 80%

Select a repository

Apart from the official repository, pueds change to another of your country. Thus we guarantee that the system is up to date:

  1. DIGETE to Control center
  2. Select "Update"> "Settings Update"
  3. Choose a mirror:
    • Try: Linux Kernel Mirror Silicon Valley or if you live in North America
    • Other mirrors will find List of mirrors page
  4. If you want to try what is the fastest, click "Speed ​​Test"

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I have trouble changing repository

We recommend Visit Update Deepin expert.

An upgrade

From the control center

The most elegant way to get the latest version is accessing Control center:

  1. Go to the "Update" option;
    • You can also enter from notifications
  2. Wait a few minutes, depending on the Internet connection;
  3. Review the list of updates and click update;
  4. When the system components is discharged, closes applications and proceeds to install;
  5. It will restart and takes a few minutes.

It does not operate the control center

If you have problems, try Update Deepin expert.

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