Create shortcuts manually

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In case you do not get access the application, Either by nature of being portable or installation is complete, we recommend creating a direct access. You should not be confused with symlinksBecause it is a "file copy" with little weight to save space.

How to create

  1. Go to the folder "usr/share/applications/«
  2. Creates the file "nombreprograma.desktop«
  3. Edit it (shown in the next section)

Containing the file

The file "nombreprograma.desktop"Contains this code:

[Desktop Entry]
Name=Nombre del programa
Comment=Descriptción sobre el programa
NameName of the program (or executable)
CommentProgram description
ExecAccess to the ejecuable (.sh or .run), Analogous to (.exe). You can also execute commands from the terminal.
IconApplication Logo (we recommend PNG)
TerminalUsing the terminal. Default, false.

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