Installing Docker in Deepin

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Docker it is a platform for you to use cloud services. In security, the data is isolated and portable. Its operation differs from traditional virtualizations.

However, Docker is not for everyone and its use will depend on a server (not just any PC). Although you can install an application to manage it like Portainer.

We collect the doubts generated by various users in the section FREQUENTLY ASKED QUESTIONS Wiki Deepin. We answer topics related to Deepin, its characteristics, applications, among others. The community of fans that make up Deepin in Spanish seeks to transmit these issues in a matter of seconds.


In Deepin 15.5 deepines repository incorporated the package for Deepin. Installs with terminal sudo apt install docker-ce. Required packages may be needed like apt-transport-https ca-certificates curl software-properties-common, Among others.

After installation, we recommend reviewing the system service with sudo systemctl status docker. After that you can execute the orders with dockeror see information docker info. To work with images we verify with the order docker run hello-world.

For more details, take a look at our wiki to understand the functioning of Docker.


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