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Paquete (Plural: package) contains the software ready to use. That package, as bears his name, stores data (or part thereof). When a packet uses other packages, either to save space, it is known as a dependency.

By default, Deepin, the App Store use packages for better performance and security.

It also complements files debDownloadable on other websites. Unlike the Windows installers, Installation is immediate. You can always download an updated version or degrade.


  • The packages can be downloaded from containers. The official name is repository.
  • If you use Deepin Store, The Applications They are easy to install. The reason is that the packages are downloaded and installed in a single process.
  • Data is saved in the folder usr or similar. That depends software distributor.
  • The application can have all the data in one package. A similar plan to perform with software Flatpak Y AppImage.
  • A trick used by developers, are separate packages. For example, Kodi uses packages: one for primary, one for data and the other for plugins. Saves time job.
  • The operating system, as well as system services They are administered in the same way. Beware of touching them, if dependencies are not met, can "break the system".
  • If upgrade equipment, System services will continue to implement its previous version until reboot. If you want to refresh at that time, you can use tools like needrestart.
  • The data are compiled before his PACKAGING. Among them it is GCC: GNU C Compiler.

Package managers

peculiar cases

Pecularies some cases we explained in Article Notices related to updating packages. In English the name is package.

To create a package, tools are used to facilitate the compilation as Debreate or cross-platform CMake.

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