Flatpak (pronounced as "flapac") is a technology packing of Applications. This technology solves the problem to maintain current programs, bookstores. It works on several Linux desktop environments. In addition, files are almacendos in ready to run, update and manage system resources independently containers.

Flatpak nation in 2014 and is part of freedesktop.org development.

Deb differences Flatpak

  • Applications operate independently.
  • The content is updated.
  • You can install earlier versions. Without creating dependency problems.
  • an interpreter for the user interface is required.
  • Limitation: would come despite little more than the deb package.

Hybrid deb package Flatpak

  • Unlike additional Flatpak. The package installs all software in one click. Ideal for everyone.
  • It is included in original application of Deepin.
  • You can get them from the Deepin Store.
  • Limitation: Poor implementation would limit some features such as integration with the interface.

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