Deepin repository

Un repositorio de Deepin lo representamos como un almacén.

An repository we represent as a warehouse. pashminu / Pixabay

An Deepin repository It is a software container for OS. It is notable for offering applications to download or install. If you want better results in the download, we recommend you switch to one near your area.

It offers the repository Deepin

Repositories have data software packaged. Hence it is named packages. If you come from microsoft WindowsTo install a program you need 1 or more packages. Packages that are dependent on others is known as dependencies.

Repositories carry thousands of packages. Even they reach hundreds of thousands. Because create a store software requires GB of data. You can even make your own and share with friends, but is a subject for another discussion.

One or more repositories contain software needed for the system. So you can even upgrade your computer silently.

If you want more software other than that of Deepin, you must add complementary. For example, in Deepines.

Type Repositories

Repositories carry the software as follows.

  • Binary Repository (Or simply repository). It comes by default. With the help of the Deepin Store, you can download the necessary data. After that, you will have installed your favorite program.
  • Source code repository. If he program is open source You have the ability to install to your liking the compilation method. It is more complicated and focused on developers, so it comes off.

Note: The binary repository takes the denomación deb (Package) and source as deb-src.

repository mirror

Deepin has several respositorios worldwide with copies of the original. We know as mirror. It helps users to have content available. Also download quickly and with little latency.

To change one repository to another, you must require a mirror. If you want to know more details visit Article How to change a repository.


So the software is not altered Deepin reviews the key repository. Said key is the "signature" to find the authenticity of the package. All packages uploaded to the store are "signed".

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