What if the GRUB damaged Deepin

Whether He damaged the GRUB DeepinOr boot, you will have to use repair tools.

GRUB solutions if damaged Deepin

First option

First you have to Deepin RecoveryWhich will allow you to access a kind of "emergency mode". The tools to solve the boot is Deepin Repair.

Second option

If it does not work Deepin Repair uses other programs like GParted Y boot Repair.

If you can not install because it only displays text error will have to use fdisk. First find the partition which is starting with the command sudo fdisk -l for quick route. Y sudo blkid for UUID. Finally restart your computer and go to advanced settings and select fsck.

For more information, visit GRUB documentation Y fdisk.

If the problem persists, you should report in the forum. Many boot problems are related to the BIOS of your computer or something related Secure boot.

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