What are the requirements for installing OS Deepin

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The OS requirements to install Deepin. Before using Deepin Your computer must have the following characteristics:

  • 10 GB Free space HDD SATA;
  • Microprocessor of 64-bit or compatible;
    • Example: Intel Pentium IV 2GHz, AMD Athlon 4 cores
  • 2 GB of RAM (DDR3);
  • Display with 800 x 600 pixels (required) and speaker (optional);
    • The graphic operating varies model card;
    • The monitor must be connected to the PC;
  • Keyboard and mouse;
  • Internet connection (for Updates).

These requirements are for 15.5. it's possible Some brands are not compatible laptop. For more details see the list Deepin compatible equipment. These requirements will change in the following updates.

You know the details on the PC case or accessories. This operating system is used to section System information. In Windows carries one analogous to this.

If you plan to build your computer on your own we have a tutorial about. This is quite useful when assembling PC Gamer for high-end gaming.

Note for those using the 32-bit edition: The latest version supports that architecture is Deepin 15.5. You need to reinstall OS to 64-bits for updates.

Doubts that generate multiple users to collect section FREQUENTLY ASKED QUESTIONS Wiki Deepin. Deepin respond to issues, characteristics, applications, among others. The community of fans who are Deepin in Spanish seeks to convey these issues in a matter of seconds.


If you want Deepin work better with visual effects and get support for a long time:

  • 30 GB free space on the hard drive SATA cable (High Speed);
  • microprocessor 64-bit with four or more cores;
    • Example: Intel i3 / i5 / i7, AMD FX 4300 or newer versions
  • 4 GB RAM (DDR3, DDR4 or higher);
  • Keyboard and mouse, or touch device;
  • HD resolution monitor and speaker;
    • The card must be compatible, accepted models are Intel, nvidia and AMD;
    • We recommend using HDMI connection for better picture quality and sound.

Warning betas

In addition to the above requirements, if you want to use a beta version of the system be careful. Read carefully tips before testing beta versions of Deepin. You can use virtualbox or the like to upgrade to beta smoothly. Revert to a stable phase can get quite expensive.

You want to know if it is compatible?

If you want to see on your own, we have a forum to see if the motherboard or somewhere supports. Please tell us the make, model and production version. It is very important for us to diagnose.

If supported

If compatible with the requirements for installing Deepin you can move forward. Known The procedure for installation or directly see the first steps About Deepin.


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