How to Install Deepin

There are several ways to install Deepin in Spanish. To summarize, you should get:

  • ISO download a copy from
  • Use the USB drive or DVD format installer.
  • Installing step.
  • When you say "successfully installed" you will start Deepin.

Some frequently asked questions

Las dudas que generan varios usuarios lo recopilamos en la sección Preguntas frecuentes de la Wiki de Deepin. Respondemos temas relacionados a Deepin, sus características, las aplicaciones, entre otros. La comunidad de aficionados que forman Deepin en Español busca transmitir estos temas en cuestión de segundos.

Can I manage partitions before installing Deepin?

Yes, the program GParted or advanced mode during installation.

Can I install on all computers?

Yes, when the PC is 64 bits have no restrictions. However, we recommend reviewing requirements computer for details. In addition, check whether your computer is Compatible on our forum. In the case of computers under ARM, we have a explanation about.

Can I install another operating system?

If you have as a primary system WindowsOptionally you can install with Deepin Windows Installer. You also have a page on dual boot.

common problems

If you can not install correctly, you make a screenshot with the corresponding error code and creates a thread with the message "Error on installing Deepin in [the make and model of PC]." Some errors may be caused:

additional note

  • Do not forget to install our Application Catalog in Deepin Store or the like.
  • If you have problems with the speed of downloading updates, check look here.


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