How to create a boot disk from the terminal

This booklet explains how to create a boot disk (booteable) from the terminal. Please note that you will need administrator rights and a unit for the installation data for Deepin.

Knowing partitions (USB)

Before creating the boot drive, we recommend reviewing the available partitions with the command pv:

  1. If you have installed with sudo apt install pv
  2. run lsblk before placing the USB drive
  3. We put the USB and re-run lsblk
  4. The unit was added to the list (say sdc) Becomes the partition you are creating the boot drive

Locate the ISO

  1. If you downloaded in the download section you have to search cd /home/[nombredeusuario]/DescargasIf it is in another folder you advise know this tool.
  2. Check if the disk image ls.

Create boot drive

It is simple to realize dd is. Now with the disk image localized (in this case Descargas) And the unit for removing (sdc) You must follow this command. Obviously this varies, confirming first before formatting.

dd bs=4M if=[ubicaciondeiso] of=/dev/sd[x] status=progress && sync 
  • bs indicates the size of bytes in a block of the partition. It is possible that modern computers are able to process large blocks faster. If it does not work 4MRepresenting 4 megabytes, we recommend replacing auto.
  • ifThe location of the iso. For example, /home/[nombredeusuario]/Descargas.
  • ofThe destination where formatted and create a boot drive.
  • sync, Allows zeros to fill unused blocks after formatting.
  • status=progressIt shows the status of the creation of the boot disk.


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