Changing the keyboard and language Deepin

To change the keyboard language and go to the Control Center, then to "Language and keyboard". Here you can change the layout or "Add new keyboard layout. For more details visit "Keyboard"In the wiki. For now it supports the following variants to Spanish:

  • Spanish
    • Including Dvorak dead and tittle.
  • Latin American Spanish)
    • Including Dvorak dead and tittle.
  • Spanish (for Mac)

You can also review keyboard shortcuts Y establish yours. If you want to change the language to English or any other, go to "System Language".

You can also check how change the language of WPS.

Doubts that generate multiple users to collect section FREQUENTLY ASKED QUESTIONS Wiki Deepin. Deepin respond to issues, characteristics, applications, among others. The community of fans who are Deepin in Spanish seeks to convey these issues in a matter of seconds.


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