Frequently Asked Questions about Deepin [Simple Edition]

This is a list of questions and answers. In a simple way.

Deepin FAQs are answered on the wiki. It is known as FAQ and need to better understand its operation quickly. Only you compile with the most sought for who start for the first time. Other issues will find it in your respective category. Do not forget that We forum to answer many more with the help of the community.

Frequently Asked Questions about installation

Deepin Can I install on my computer?

Yes. Check the requirements and page install.

Can I install Deepin with another operating system?

Yes. We have a page about the dual boot with Microsoft Windows.

Can I manage my partitions in Deepin?

Yes. When you are in advanced mode installation. More information in "Installation«.

What do Deepin partitions?

For more details see formatting partitions.

Should I know that is Deepin before installing?

In general, we say yes. Since Deepin uses its own terminology to use this operating system. We have one Deepin publication or why is first calls.

Frequently Asked Questions about use

What to do after installing Deepin?

Visit section First steps. You can also visit posintalación guide to install add-ons available separately.

¿Deepin es compatible con los programas de Microsoft Windows?

Eso depende de cómo frecuentes con los programas exclusivos para Windows. Tenemos una página al respecto para conocer la situación sobre la adaptación al sistema operativo. Incluye guía para usuarios de Office y la Suite de Adobe.

Should I use the terminal how any GNU / Linux distribution?

Generally, no. Deepin is controlled with a good graphical interface. For example their preinstalled applications. Still we have a article to help to use the terminal.

Can I connect to the Internet?

Yes. From the control center. If you have a problem, check out this solucionario.

Should I set the graphics settings in Deepin?

Yes. It depends on the brand. Tries to configure from the Manager graphics drivers preinstalled. Installation details on Nvidia and others Graphic card.

Capture Manager graphics drivers.

¿Deepin offers me messaging services and email?

Yes. Visit Thunderbird for mail and otherwise you have the page instant messaging.

How do I install other programs on Deepin?

Please uses Deepin Store. It considers that this store repository depends on a high speed. So if you notice that the download is slow, you should switch to another better. Para instalaciones fuera de la tienda, visita este artículo.

¿Hay algún manual sobre programas de Deepin?

Sí, viene preinstalado para que lo leas sin conectarse a Internet.

Frequently Asked Questions about Peripherals

¿Deepin recognize peripherals?

Yes, if they use the mechanism plug-and-play. Although there may be disadvantages, for example, Wacom tablets or some printers.

Security FAQ

How do I backup my data?

Uses Deepin Clone and follows the tutorial to back. You also have other tools like TimeShift.

Is there any way to access mode 'foolproof'?

Yes, but not as you imagine. Is called Deepin Recovery. If not found in the boot menu, install it in the store.

Can I add password lock or fingerprint?

Yes. Visit this section of the manual.

common problems

What to do if you encounter a problem in Deepin?

Please visit the article to review the problems occur frequently in Deepin. Not all problems are found in the same way, but on this wiki propose solutions to specific incidents.

What if Deepin does not recognize the wireless device?

We recommend visiting section to reinstall drivers various brands.


The question and answer section is inspired Dell questionnaire.

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