Changing hard disk partitions Deepin

Para cambiar las particiones del disco duro de Deepin, You should be careful. If you're going to change the size and add more partitionsYou should back up first. If you can not start the operating system, check these options.

GParted change

Obviously, you must be a Deepin Recovery. And use the application GParted.

Using Deepin Repair

The first option is Deepin Repair. Offers the option to repair the Boot Configuration.

How to update the boot menu

How to recover partition efi

A partition efi contains information to start Deepin. If that partition has problems:

  • To recover the partition uses the function "restore" Deepin Clone or similar. We recommend running from a USB drive. More info on to download.
  • If you remove the EFI partition, you should reboot your computer and get.

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