Deepin upgrading from Terminal

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Deepin update from the terminal It is easy, if the upgrade of control center fail to. Should not rely on Synaptic, la forma más sencilla es:

update && sudo apt sudo apt-and full-upgrade

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Step by Step

This statement is a summary of the steps below. We explain in detail and why.

sudo apt update

En este listado verás cuantos paquetes están listos (por ejemplo, del repositorio oficial). Escribimos Upgrade for updates. However, we recom Deepin full-upgrade for substantial improvements.

sudo apt upgrade

A simpler way to upgrade is to write full-upgrade and add -y at the end of the sentence. That últmino obliged to accept any action (y of yes), Saving time (eg to accept configuration changes, details on "I warned that there is a new configuration available").

sudo apt full-upgrade -y

Recomendamos seriamente revisar cuales aplicaciones serán compatibles, especialmente si usas repositorios complementarios. En este caso, revisa que hacer si hay problemas de dependencias.

Update and off

This trick will save time and effort. If you want to download updates, check if it meets dependencies and to turn off When finished, perform this command:

sudo apt update && sudo apt full-upgrade -y && sudo apt --fix-broken install && shutdown -h now

Remember to make a backup to avoid unexpected shocks.

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