Deepin compatible equipment

We have a list of compatible equipment Deepin. Dichos equipos están catalogado por marca. Para eso será necesario tu participación en las subacategorías «Controladores» forum. Many users will thank you.

This article comes from the question "What are the requirements for installing OS Deepin '. To do this, we have listed what equipment They are recommended for use with the operating system (and derivatives Linux). El punto importante es ACPI, estándar para interpretar información del equipo al sistema operativo.

Deepin compatible equipment


Gygabyte Compatible.
ASRock Compatible.
MintBoxNative Linux.


AcerAspire 1410 and recentvisit your community.
AppleMacBookDesigned for MacOS. It is not recommended to virtualize. Source: Infoworld.
AsusAspireYou may have problems with NVIDIA graphics drivers.
Eee PCIt works with certain models.
recent brandsNot recommended. Source: MuyLinux.
DellPrecisionSee website.
DellXPSRecommend equipment certified (XPS 13, for example).
EntrowareSee website.
FujitsuS6510, T2010 and U810See website.
Hewlett-PackardCompaqCompatible. Watch documentation.
Hewlett-PackardChromebook 14Chrome OS design. Watch XDA article.
LenovoThinkPadCompatible. Watch documentation. Additionally, you have a wiki for more documentation.
SonyVaioLimited support. Visit
Toshiba Limited support. Watch Unofficial blog.
System76Multiple brandsSee website. It also offers help with Linux preinstalled computers.
OthersVANT, SlimbookCompanies designed for Linux.

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