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Monkey is the name of the Ecma standard implementation available GNU / Linux and compatible with the library .NET Framework (DotNET). Because the library is open source, there are initiatives to implement Windows libraries as dotGNU. Deepin lets you use Mono.

In Wine It is essential to use Mono for executing programs that require dotNET.

Installation and development

considers that this option will not correct the Program Compatibility Windows in Deepin. Try the following option instead.

Available in your website. For Debian 10 performs the following commands:

  1. Getting the official repository:
sudo apt install apt-transport-https dirmngr ca-certificates gnupg sudo apt-key adv HKP keyserver: // 80 recv-keys 3FA7E0328081BFF6A14DA29AA6A19B38D3D831EF echo "deb https: //download.mono-project .com / repo / debian stable main-buster "| sudo tee /etc/apt/sources.list.d/mono-official-stable.list update sudo apt
  1. Install, due to its large requirement of disk space, you must ensure not need break dependencies:
Sudo install apt mono-complete
  1. You can optionally install MonoDelevopDevelopment environment.
Sudo apt install mono-devel


apt-get remove --purge mono-common libmono0 libgdiplus Sudo rm -rf / usr / lib / mono


Recommended option for most non-native software you use. If required, since the games do not usually rely on this framework. Installs like a program more in customer Wine you prefer.

Note: In addition, playonlinux the dotNET software is available in the settings. For this and other details related revises the setup guide and the list of available functions.

This lightweight software encourages reinterpret the .NET framework for Linux. This is an alternative free and easy compatibility with native programs. Its source code is available on Github.

To install the Mono runtime, is achieved from the download page.


There are more friendly frameworks like Electron Y Java. A native and suggested alternative is GCC, Which offers virtually the same, with community support and widely supported only for GNU / Linux (along with Qt and GTK).

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