Application Developer

In Deepin present guide Application Developer. It is part of a series of guides, after install the operating system We collect and discuss these important things in the software.

Here we show a catalog for software developers and hardware. Some of them They are included, While others require installation via Deepin Store or your website.

Consider that some text editors use an integrated development environment to compile and debug source code.


Code editorsAtomVisual Code, Emacs, Vim, Sublime Text (free version) brackets
IDE in generalNetBeans, Eclipse
Git clientsAtom (integrated) Visual Code (plugin), Gitkraken (freemium), Gitcola
Sketch applicationsMockinbot (mobile)
PythonPyCham, Spider
C / C ++Cillon, MonoDevelop
JavaEclipse, NetBean

Environment specific developments

AndroidAndroid Studio, Eclipse (to connect with real phones, requires ADB)
Qt / DEEQtCreator
Scheme (compatible con C)GNU Guile
Game developmentGodot, GDevelop
AudrinoCreate Arduino
Debian packaging applicationsDebreate
Documentation Documentation several languagesZeal


Based on a publication of MuyLinux. Default applications in Deepin 15.6 are indicated in that page.

The applications shown are retained by companies or independent developers. If you want to improve your product, check the website. We do not intend to choose the final service but help select the most useful.

Some applications included in the ISO are forming between Wuhan Deepin partners and developers.

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