Guide applications and system utilities

The guide applications and system utilitiesIt is a section of the guide general applications. It is supplementing this Program List and minitutorial for install the operating system, esta relacionada a las aplicaciones que pueden mejorar el OS.

The catalog focuses on home use. Specifically on safety. So, for professional things we have another related article. Some of them They are included, while others require installation via Deepin Store or through your website.

System Applications

System settings

Herramientas del sistema
Function Names
System informationCPUX, hardinfo, Inxi (terminal)
Printer SettingsPrinter Setup System (Canonical)
TerminalDeepin Terminal, Terminator, Konsole, Tilix
Cleaning SystemU. Cleaner, bleachbit
remote assistantRemote Assistance, TeamViewer
antivirussee article On the use of Antivirus
firewallsGufw (recommended)

Customizing Your System

Check outapplications to customize Deepin.

Accessibility Tools

Accessibility Tools
Function Names
Mobile MouseSlide, Unifield Remote
Virtual keyboardOnBoard
Characters mapGNOME Character Map
Global search engineUlauncher, Synapse, Gnome Pie
reduced lighting (lack of blue)night mode, Redshift, geoclue2

PC Utilities

Interpreters by system type

Intérprete por tipo de sistema
Function Names
Windows compatibility layerCrossovers, PlayOnLinux
Compatibilidad con aplicaciones AndroidAnbox (alpha)
Virtualizer AndroidGenymotion
Virtualiser desktopVirtualBox, VMWare, Qemu


Controladores (drivers)
Function Names
Management video cardsGraphics Driver Manager
Sound managementALSA, PulseAudio, GStreamer


Check outUnderstanding files.

Applications for system security

Copia de seguridad
Function Names
Backup toolDeepin Clone, Clonezilla
Safe ModeExclusive for the system: Deepin Recovery
System RestoreResetter
Function Names
Key deposit (PGP, SSH, etc.)Seahorse
Function Names
Object locationPrey
Function Names
Caja de arena o sandboxFirejail

Utilidades de cifrado

Function Names
Cifrado de discosVeraCrypt, Cryptomator
Cifrado del sistemacryptsetup


Based on a publication of MuyLinux Y datamation. In addition to the above, the default applications in Deepin 15.5 are indicated in bold and detailed in this page.

Some applications included in the ISO They are to form between Wuhan Deepin partners and developers. There are applications integrated pay for free Deepin, so updates take longer than conventional.

The application is a bifurcation MComix Comix and receive more updates. Please consider using this application or its equivalent.

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