Tips for using GParted

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The Tips for using GParted They are related to a number of tools to use. It is important to realize partitions del disco duro. Por lo tanto, te mostramos unos tips para mantener organizado los datos en Deepin.


Most Linux partitions carry the file system ext4 recommended. However, swap partitions must be formatted to linux-swap. Each partition carries a name that begins with "/ dev / sd" as "/ dev / sda1", "/ dev / sda2" and so ...

The mount point is about how to use the resources Deepin. "/" Is the root of the operating system, "/ home" user folder "My Documents", "/ opt" for third-party applications, and so on.

The partitions for Windows They are formatted under NTFS, while the other leads as the universal FAT32. The boot partition is responsible boot multiple operating systems; If you install only Deepin is mandatory to have as a mount point "/ boot".

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