GNU / Linux offers a wide variety of distributions to choose from. But having such a big deal creates confusion among users about the strengths and weaknesses of each one. This article aims to clarify what type of user is the one for this fantastic distribution. And, depending on your needs, Deepin OS can be (or not) the distro right for you. To do this, we will address critical points when choosing a GNU / Linux distribution, applying the specific case of Deepin.

Desktop por defecto con menu de configuraciones abierto

Development strategy
From Central China Wuhan (home of the developer company Deepin OS) they have opted from the beginning to create their own way, with little or nothing, afraid to make major changes in system development and creating their own native applications on DTK (own Deepin), which gives Deepin a unique personality in the world GNU / Linux environment. It is no coincidence that our slogan is "We do, we change." However, this also has a negative reading: the risk and innovate means that occasionally certain instabilities are generated. So if you're looking for is a very stable distro, maybe this is not right for you.

Policy Updates
This distribution is updated monthly, but only published new ISOs (image distribution available for download) after several updates. Therefore, to put your computer up to date just you have to download the latest available ISO and upload new updates available (if any).

From here https: //deepinenespañol.org/deepin-15-11-lo-mejor-nunca-se-detiene/ puedes descargarte la última versión (a fecha de 26 de julio 2019).

Perhaps the highlight of the Chinese distro. Beauty is relative, but Deepin questioned that assertion. There are very few who do not love their design. As previously mentioned, Deepin develops its own apps. And they are not secondary applications, in contrast, has Deepin from your own dock, App Store, also the file browser and many other basic applications developed in DTK, deepinero development environment. They have something in common they are extremely visually appealing and highly functional for the simplicity of its design, taking minimalism to the maximum level. I believe that is the closest thing to a Macintosh in style. If you give importance to the aesthetic Deepin certainly will be in your list of desirable.

functional and minimalist design in all its native apps

Side by side with our website and our exclusive repository Deepines 3.1, Deepin has one of the most active Linuxeras communities and collaborating Spanish Telegram https://t.me/deepinenespanol . On the web with your wikiand heforum with nearly 10 thousand registered on the date of this publication users will find many articles related to this operating system where you can also interact with other community members through responses, creating new topics, colaborarando with new publications or using direct messages.

As for the versions of programs in Deepin, the Chinese company decided to move to the stable version of Debian 9 for win in stability. For the least understood, this means that packets are not the last but the most popular programs, such as Chrome, VirtualBox, Thunderbird, ... which are practically if the latest version.
Debian being based on the variety of programs is enormous. The few packages give the Deepin lacking the usually provides the Hispanic community Deepin. Another characteristic of Deepin is the inclusion of Html5 applications in its application store, ie, integrated environment for Deepin web pages based apps.

** Note - If you are installing the repository external programs recommend that you always do it according to the basis on which this is based Deepin at that time. Debian currently is 9 (Stretch).

View Deepin store a comprehensive package manager

In conclusion, Deepin is attractive, daring and innovative making it one of the most popular Linux distributions today for everyone, but especially recommended for new Linux users. Instead, as points would improve stability and customizability, we trust to work in future releases. It's up to you!

What do you think about it?

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Deepin with kwin is quite configurable, I do not agree that you have no customizability, I leave a video sample in the previous post I did not have risen.




Although it is fabulous Deepin applications default GTK themes not stick for example.

Uekne Viajes

Hi there! I found it interesting the use of Kwin in the video you uploaded, can you tell me how?

Jare GM

It is said in the article: "... according to the basis on which this is based Deepin at that time. Debian currently is 9 (Buster). "
It should say: Currently is Debian 9 (Stretch).



Thanks for pointing out that, corrected. Excellent article Jorge KenobiJorge Kenobi.


Very successful in all the details because we use Deepin, I confess I am 100% agree with this post.

Ramon Milian

With its ups and downs still my favorite.

Isaías Gätjens M

Jorge good article, thanks,


Deepin never fails to fascinate me, always installed on one of my machines.


Written very successful, I agree and are some of the reasons why I still use Deepin.