WHAT COMES IN Deepin 15.5.1

The release date for the new version is still uncertain Deepin you possibly see the light in March this year. Then we go over some of its most important innovations.

Welcome screen: A classic in Linux distributions Deepin again. this will have a modern appearance allowing the user to interact with it.

Deepin Manual

This concept is premised unite the help desk and all native app in a single environment to which you can access with F1 or the help for each application. plus Possess a search box same content that should not offer local search results transferred to your wiki Deepin.





The Deepin desktop keeps improving and adding features; This time is particularly sought to reduce energy consumption, optimize memory usage to improve the Bluetooth connection and commissioning of the HiDPI adaptation contained in its previous version. The control center will also receive several improvements including highlights around the icons of configuration items to facilitate quick access to your categories.


Deepin Files Manager

incorporating some improvements that enhance its capabilities are expected. concerning aesthetics would finally issue the coveted dark.


Recovery mode

This important feature is updated, improving its adaptation to different screen resolutions. Another improvement is to quote the correct assembly of all partitions to facilitate the use of the Clone tool. It is quite possible that the recovery mode come included as menu in the next iso layup. Besides rescue disk, new tools and allow rewrite grub Repair, troubleshoot root permissions, passwords etc.


Reader and installer sources

It's a nice application aimed at providing a graphical interface for installation or de-installation of fonts individually or in bulk. Also adds plugins to visualize these files by pressing the space bar.


Deepin Draw (prototype)

In search of an ecosystem comes another new "Drawings". An editing tool similar to Windows Paint images. It allows the saved in multiple formats. The inclusion of text management layers, rotation, embedding svg vector files, etc.


Screen recorder

Screen Recorder goes from being just a gif creator of a video recorder display. With capabilities to capture the internal audio equipment and save to MP4 MKV.


Download Manager (prototype)

By now it is clear the hard work that supports Deepin each release. This time we mean the new manager integrated download it. It will have ability to manage multiple downloads including the type of torrents. In the future it could add two separate plugins that allow downloads from sites like Gdrive etc.

We look forward to the arrival of the new version. Many of these features have already been tested and are expected some more as the evolution of its flatpack support (Native in Deepin); the Notes application, the addition of blur at the terminal and calculator that also incorporate the scientific mode.

Remember! You can support you Deepin and development with a contribution:  Dona a Deepin Hoy!


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Some of these are important, what good is that March is here!


Excellent! the new download manager is luxury!