Thank you for visiting Deepin in Spanish

Deepin in Spanish was born as an amateur project at the beginning of 2015, being the first Spanish-speaking community that focuses exclusively on users of Deepin OS.

We have a presence in multiple social networks and you will find us referenced with a link on the official distribution website.

Those who make up Deepin in Spanish are users from different parts of the world. Especially Latin America, Spain, Brazil and the Caribbean.

Our history


Deepin in Spanish was founded in 2015. It was first born as a Google+ community and creating our Telegram group with the aim of providing support to users of the community.

Since 2016 we are part of the Internal Testing Group of deepin. That same year Maggie Liu (Deepin Internalization Manager) entrusted us with the task of coordinating the translation of all Spanish variants in the system. During that time, we processed and worked hard to make the official deepin website a reality in our language. In addition, we announce our deepines repository and development group Deepin Latin Code.

In 2017, the Deepin repositories were released in Github. During that time we have launched the initiative with the participation of Alex Ávalos for the creation of the welcome portal and the Deepin Help. That project lasted almost 1 year and was he released under a free license.


At the beginning of 2018, we migrated to our website to the current format for its international launch. Implementing a section of news and tutorials. After a brief migration to deepinenespañ (from Gitlab to WordPress), we announce the renewed wiki Y forum.

The wiki contains the latest information about Deepin, materials of interest and user manual. The forum complements our interactive platform. Along with this, with the collaboration of Brazilian developers, we expanded the platform for Portuguese and English-speaking users.

And spending a few months, relaunched the repository to include more exclusive applications. Thanks to the support of our followers, we create special pages: Podcast, Developer Center Y Articles by users.

our image

We have one image or logo that represents us.

our achievements

Since 2015 we have been committed to supporting distribution. For this, in this time we have assumed responsibilities to developers, from China, such as coordinating localization to our language such as the desktop, applications and advertisements.

We manage and make the version in Spanish official web, which we translate and keep updated for our readers.

well we foundedDeepin Latin Code, a special team for code connoisseurs looking to get native software for the distro.

We want to thank the community as a whole and especially all those people who are committed to these projects every day. They selflessly offer their time, collaboration and technical support in favor of a Deepin GNU / Linux everyday better.

Deepin Administration in Spanish



our fans

Deepin gathers fans and they have an affinity. In our forum we have topics so you can communicate with other followers, share fanart or show your personalized desktop. You will find much more in the section «Off-Topic«.


We thank the various people, groups and institutions for participating in this portal. Also to the management of Deepin Technology for being part of the future of the operating system. Additionally, we have a merit cadre for those who participate or participated in the community.

We feel reflected in the official motto of deepin: "We do it, we change". Welcome. Enjoy yourselves!