A story that has swept the world this week, is selling computer equipment Deepin OS by HUAWEI; it refers to laptops that bring a PRO version of the operating system pre-installed.

This approach goes beyond a mere trade agreement since both companies have worked together on certification of the operating system, as stated by the CTO and co-founder of Deepin, Zhang Lei in the conference HUAWEI CONNECT 2019 where it is clear that in the future both companies will work as partners (Partners) in various technological developments, as they have since 2018 as members of the community project OpenEuler.

Zhang Lei, CTO of Deepin Technology

OpenEuler Partnership

Founded on his vision is that Deepin is working strongly in what he calls the next generation of its operating system.

Deepin 20 for PC and Tablets_PC arrive in November this year will be based on the stable Debian version 10 (Buster) which will add some interesting features and other somewhat controversial.

Factory Data Reset

A function known for Android users reached the system and enable restore at least in terms of your personal settings, have varying degrees of restoration, one of them being the possibility of returning to the initial system configuration at the time of installation . Using such a circumstance for the Recovery Mode Deepin where cleaning of the partition to finally restart took place.

File Manager

The next version of the file manager will add a very useful feature called "Files Vault" or File Vault in Spanish, similar to Plasma Vault. It will be able to encrypt, hide and password protect under a particular directory.

Control center

Perhaps the most important and controversial change in the new version; where it has been completely re-defined the concept of it to opt for a "more classical" appearance.

Possible future design Control Center System

It is also rumored about some variants or aggregates in the dock, but it is something we can not yet confirm. (Confirmed in the following video filtering the October 15, 2019)

Videos with the new look

The new application launcher and Dock

The taskbar

Hopefully the article will serve as a reference for be aware of what's to come. See you at Deepin 20.0.

What do you think about it?

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I am sure that with Huawei as a partner, wuhan Deepin technology will be pressured to improve themselves and improve the operating system


@jhalo Totally agree, that he was thinking as he watched the same conference the other day, I think this result...Read more »


I just hope that alternative control center is not the only option, otherwise you need to polish it a lot...Read more »


Hopefully update once the kernel and firmware. It deepin not work well on very modern equipment,...Read more »


Not a bad look in the control center, but those icons ... .. the horror!

Luis Vicente Castillo Corbella

@xodein're right, if something always characterized Deepin is that at first glance you could tell where you were not...Read more »


I imagine that these icons are simply placeholders and that the change at the time of release.

martín perez

Nvidia prime driver ?? .... some solution, back ???


Great, if any change for the better is good, when control center I think they should leave us...Read more »

martín perez

Hello, Could you tell me when you leave the version 20 of Deepin, or exit the beta version ?. Thank you

Jare GM

@darwinmartinperezsaldana If we look at the "Version History" section on Wikipedia about Deepin (https://es.wikipedia.org/wiki/Deepin), have the following information:...Read more »

Jare GM

They have reissued. Now the date for the launch is Deepin 20 January 2020: Deepin 20 /...Read more »

martín perez

when out Deepin 20?



It is said that one day this month, is what you hear.