Deepin in Spanish presents its repository «deepines». It aims to provide users with extra software, not available in the official repositories, ensuring the absolute compatibility of the packages with the system.

Content made with love for users; It is stored on the servers of the University of Paraná (Brazil), offering a more than acceptable bandwidth.

To use this extra repository that is intended to be an alternative such as the PPA or AUR in other databases. We have created a .deb installer that enables it to be enabled automatically in deepin os.

Method to use the repository

Download and install the deb package, the same one that will be in charge of configuring the sources and keys to access the software.

Finally open the terminal and perform an update (sudo apt update) and you will be able to find and install the extra packages either using the terminal or the Synaptic package manager.

Because we are constantly developing, do not forget to report or suggest improvements in the Deepin forums in Spanish.

Click on the button to download the ".deb" package


Descargar “Deepines Store” deepines-store_1.3.3_amd64.deb – Descargado 61487 veces – 4 MB

Click here to see the content of the repository

Enjoy it!

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Daniel Berin
Daniel Berin (@danielberin1)
1 año atrás

good for deepin 20?