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The IPTV(Internet Protocol Television) posibilita la transmisión de contenido multimedia en este caso señales televisivas. Por lo general encontrarás publicaciones que te invitan a instalar programas especializados para utilizar este protocolo; Hoy te enseñaremos como usarlo en Deepin de una manera muy sencilla y eficaz.

First of all we will say that there are popular programs like Kodi, VLC or Acestream which use lists with extensions such as m3u u otras; mismas que no son más que archivos de litas de reproducción que contienen metadatos personalizados generados por estos programas. Si algo tienen en común es que su interior son simplemente un conjunto de direcciones o URLs que apuntan a un servidor.

Deepin Movies es el reproductor de vídeos de Deepin poseedor de una hermosa y potente interfaz que evoluciona tras cada versión, esto es todo lo que necesitaremos para usar IPTV in our system.

Updated April 2020: The article was originally written to test the effectiveness in video applications. However, we have discontinued this method in favor of legal channel lists, these allow you to view content online without inconvenience. The broadcasting rights remain the property of television operators and networks.

Methodology to watch TV channels in Deepin

For the occasion we have created a list of some 100 Premium HD Channels en ella encontrarás las urls de señales como HBO, Maxprime, Cinemax, ESPN, FOX; etc. divididas en categorías.

We will open the video player and right-click with the mouse to display the pop-up menu to enter the option open URL

Abrir URL en Deepin Movies

Next step we will paste in the box that is displayed, the address of the channel that we want to visualize for the example we will use HBO2.

Ingresar URL en Deepin Movies

Simplemente esperas un momento hasta que se cargue la señal, esto dependerá de la velocidad de tu Internet así como la experiencia en general ya tendrás menos cortes si tienes una conexión acorde.

Sonido en Deepin Movies

Usamos deliberadamente este canal, ya que posee la característica de transportar tanto audio en Ingles como Español, si quieres escucharlo con audio latino deberás desplegar nuevamente el menú en pantalla de la aplicación dirigirte al apartado Sonido/Pista y seleccionar la segunda opción.

Note: The content of the following list can be used in other programs such as VLC; where you will also have the possibility to modify the reception buffer or generate a personalized m3u list. We hope you enjoy it!

Deepin on Spanish TV

Descargar “Deepin en Español TV” Deepin-en-Español-TV.txt – Descargado 1054 veces – 6 KB

Extra: Perform with Kodi

Like Deepin Movies, Kodi offers an option to watch online channels. The requirement is to have the plugin IPTV Simple Client. We make sure to bookmark for easy access. Then you will go to the plugin configuration and add the m3u file for the channel list and xml for the programming.

Other alternatives for legal channels

In addition to this list, there are many more interesting ones. We encourage you to use these suggestions shown below (although subject to restrictions beyond our reach):

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Julián Ramírez
Julián Ramírez (@julianramirez)
2 años atrás

Thank you very much, everything is great.

Joser1985 (@joser1985)
2 años atrás

It works great

RhymeDanger (@rhymedanger)
2 años atrás

Very good channels, thanks for the info.

Cef Espinoza
Cef Espinoza (@cefespinoza)
2 años atrás

Excellent contribution, thank you very much, it works great also on my cell with VLC

Fernando Zamora
Fernando Zamora (@zamora322)
2 años atrás

Very good, thank you very much for sharing

DANTE AGUIAR (@danteaguiar1)
2 años atrás

Excellent!! Thank you

Gad Grandez
Gad Grandez (@gadgrandez)
2 años atrás

I have problems with the speed of my connection to reproduce the contents so I created a server with Emby to use it as an intermediary and reduce the quality of the transmission if necessary, currently I'm doing great and if someone wants an account on the server they can contact me .

Byron Vasquez
Byron Vasquez (@byronvasquez)
Respondiendo a  Gad Grandez
2 años atrás

Can you give me information please

Gad Grandez
Gad Grandez (@gadgrandez)
Respondiendo a  Byron Vasquez
2 años atrás

Sure, emby is a software that allows you to configure a multimedia center, the details can be found on its page .
What I did was build a server on the internet, if you are interested, what you have to do is download the client that is available for multiple platforms, after that I can share the access data for the server along with your account.

Juan Salgado Arriagada
Juan Salgado Arriagada (@juanarriagada)
2 años atrás


Faell (@faell)
1 año atrás

Don't you know how to attend in Portuguese do Brazil? Parabéns pelo blog, o conteúdo é otimo!

MartinV56 (@martinv56)
1 año atrás

Thank you!

Jorge Navarro
Jorge Navarro (@jorgenavarro)
1 año atrás

thank you

Raul Huaman Ayala
Raul Huaman Ayala (@raul-huaman-ayala)
1 año atrás


Hiram Higuera
Hiram Higuera (@hiramhiguera)
9 meses atrás

Thank you very much, it worked perfectly to see the premiere of the new season of Game of Thrones.

Cef Espinoza
Cef Espinoza (@cefespinoza)
5 meses atrás

Apparently this service does not continue active, no channel works. Could you please review or update the links?

Эли (@eli)
Respondiendo a  Cef Espinoza
5 meses atrás

Cef Espinoza

Thanks for the report, we will see as soon as we can review it.

WUILVER OROZCO (@wuilverorozco)
Respondiendo a  Эли
5 meses atrás

the lists need to be updated

Mark Augustin
Mark Augustin (@markaugustin)
5 meses atrás

Thanks for sharing! I watch TV a lot because of COVID-19. If you sit at home, it's the only thing you can do. https: //linkremoved.nolink I love Verónica Castro's films, she is a great actress.

Fernando Zamora
Fernando Zamora (@zamora322)
2 años atrás

This is a playlist created so that the channels can be opened easier and not one by one, just change the extension (it won't let me upload the file with the m3u8 extension) of the file from .txt to .m3u8 and open the .m3u8 file with VLC, regards.

Eli (@eli)
Respondiendo a  Fernando Zamora
2 años atrás

Very good suggestion Fernando ZamoraWe will consider it for the next one and we will change this soon, thank you.

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