There are many algorithms or hash functions that allow us to obtain the so-called checksum(checksum) to verify the integrity of a file, which this time we will use to check if our download of the deepin .iso file is not corrupted (downloaded with problems), which is one of the big problems when installing and with this post we will rule out that problem.

On the download page we find the following:

checksum descarga deepin

Checksum of isos Deepin

The first 2 are for the verification of the iso of deepin 15.7 the third is for the verification of the rescue iso of the system.


This method generates a unique MD5 hash for each file, it is widely used in Unix-based systems, to check the integrity of our downloaded file we open the terminal where we have our downloaded file and write

md5sum deepin-15.7-amd64.iso


verificación del archivo iso por md5sum

Md5sum verification

Which it resulted in9657801ae700299be05c6cdfcd9d1ed5

md5sum pagina iso

Verification of the md5sum on the deepin page

Coinciding with the one on the page, thus verifying by the md5sum method that our file was downloaded correctly


This generates a has of 256bits with the same methodology of md5sums, to verify with this method in the terminal we write

sha256sum deepin-15.7-amd64.iso

Check by sha256sum

The resulting hash isaef759640f483737f53df2b0e6ba3c68ebcacc5d7ce292d83414ae3249009bae

sh256 iso

Verification of the hash sh256sum on the deepin page

Comparing the results, we verify that our file was completely downloaded and we can proceed with confidence to install our preferred operating system.

The installation process from scratch, you can find it you here.

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Эли (@eli)
2 años atrás

This is very useful information, thank you ProgrammingJS.

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