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After months of sharing applications, it's time to collect the most interesting that we have found and that will make life easier for many users. For that, we elaborate the 16 useful applications to start in Deepin and that anyone can use (or at least take a look). It is updated to December 2020.

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These are all applications that I am sure will work with and that I really find productive for frequent use, at least for certain tasks. In this case I recommend new users and perhaps acquaintances. I hope you find some inspiration to this list. So here the writer, speaking to you, chose 16 favorite apps for Deepin in 2020 and celebrate in 2021. It relies on the four community criteria to pinpoint useful apps on this list to make them worth your while. Feel free to share those that reflect:

Friendly to the public



LibreOffice is one of the office suites most productive in the field Open Source. It is one of the promoters of the free and open standard ODF. While it has improved in recent years, it is functional with the introduction of the MUFFIN interface with tab mode. Your competitors are OnlyOffice Y WPS.

It consists of three applications: one for writing, one for spreadsheets and the last one for presentations. It also has extras for drawing and database.

It is available in the Deepin Store or ours Deepines Store.



Creating mind maps helps organize and capture the ideas we have. Freeplane It is one of those examples to structure a topic that we would like to understand from an origin and its links. It supports formats like LaTex, drag and drop, images, and so on.

To show whether you are capable of elaborate maps, you could take inspiration from the list of favorite applications.

You can download from Sourceforge or installing your package (sudo apt install freeplane).



Who would want to dream of their own organized library? Caliber allows you to organize dictionaries, fiction texts, comics, etc. Anyone who has time to research or create a new story helps a lot, as does having a song disco or movie catalog.

There are several types of organization, according to author, publisher, type, and so on. When you add a book, information will be added. It also has a search engine to quickly find and keep abreast of those classics or favorites.

To install, search Deepin Store or quickly sudo apt install calibre



One of the most serious clients to run software Windows. Although it is based Wine, and there are several clients to manage, this is the easiest to understand and create shortcuts. Although it was free for Deepin 15, unfortunately it is necessary to buy it. The rest we just have to settle with Steam (or PlayOnLinux if we install DRM-free games).

So far it has patches for thousands of programs in its catalog.

Crossovers is available to buy or try on your website.



VLC it is a good video player with a swiss army knife inside. Play various formats and find videos, music and images. ¿You can know all the secrets of this multimedia viewer? Meanwhile, find some skin so you can customize it and send us to desktop friday.

Even if you consider it as something simple, you can watch the movie you prefer (a la Deepin Movies).

Is available in Deepin Store or quickly sudo apt install vlc



Manuskript is a story creator wizard. Create your own stories and structure them with them. The most logical is to write it in chapters, but you will have a "file" of characters, events (resolutions) and the universe. Each chapter has a "summary" to avoid some inconsistencies that usually happen and a revision system to recover writings.

The text is enriched with Markdown and notes to remind the reader of its context. Completed books will be exported into an epub file ready to sell or share, whichever comes first.

The program is available in the repositories, quickly sudo apt install manuskript, or in your website.



JDownloader is a download manager for various websites with payment account support. It works with services like Mega, Dailymotion, YouTube, Google Drive, etc. Each service is a complement with its settings to download according to the video resolution or decompress the files.

In addition, it has an anticaptcha system that helps to solve it and multiple download of links. A good solution to work on getting content.

It is available in for download in the Deepines store (or as a Java executable in the download page).



DDrescure useful for recovering files deleted by mistake from hard drive. Select the partition you need to extract information as soon as possible and save it to USB or an image for later reference.

Although we have several competitors such as PhotoRec, which is focused on finding file types. This will be important for finding all your vacation photos and videos, office documents and much more.

To install, search Deepin Store or quickly sudo apt install ddrescure

SweetHome 3D

Interfaz Sweet Home 3D

Planning a house is easier with Sweet Home 3D. It has a variety of styles, furniture and other details to decorate at ease. From urbanizations to condominiums, the design fits in all types.

Sweet Home 3D is available in Deepin Store or quickly sudo apt install sweethome3d. In the community, we have a tutorial for learn to create your design in just minutes.



Do cleanliness In Deepin it helps to free up unnecessary space on the hard drive and dispose of pre-searchable files. bleachbit Comply with clearing cache, trash, old installations and other user files. Besides saving useless content, it also prevents data from uninstalled programs from reducing system performance.

There are other programs that fulfill other daily functions such as Ubuntu Cleaner, Stacer or own Deepin Repair. There are also utilities to delete duplicate photos like FSlint para, por ejemplo, revisar que archivos se copiaron accidentalmente. Ya no tienes pretexto para mantener limpio y organizado la PC.

It is available in the Deepin store or in a few keys sudo apt install bleachbit.



kdenlive is an advanced video editor for creating multimedia content. Among the main functionalities are: multitrack, support of various formats, creation of titles, effects and transitions, proxy rendering (preview), timeline, and so on.

Of course, there are many resources for audiovisual production such as OBS for live broadcasts, Natronfor post-production, and so on.

Kdenlive is available in the repositories, via sudo apt install kdenlive, although you will need to install many libraries that could generate inconsistencies. Therefore, there is a Appimage image what can you run with AppImage Launcher to get the latest version and work smoothly.


Have a widget is sued by the community of tuners by Deepin. conky is one of the examples. Add the time, the status of the PC. Is so versatile that if you have free time you can create a superior version.

Do you want more customization? Komorebi serves for stylish wallpapers. Do not forget to share in our desktop friday.

Puedes instalar desde el repositorio Deepines, sea desde su tienda o vía terminal sudo apt install conky-manager conkys-widgets. There's a tutorial for what to download and add things to this desktop.


VirtScreen allows you to create a second screen for the tablet (be it Android or iPad). By creating a second screen you will be able to multitask activities for other things, if the Graphic card allows it. Relying on affordable technology, it is easy to configure and the resolution is flexible regardless of whether the screen is high-density or aligned vertically.

In short, you don't need to hook up a new monitor when Virtscreen can do it cheaply at conferences or when working with multiple programs.

To install download your deb file.


DJs will be able to transform and enhance song versions with Mixxx. Do you want to do an 80s session or, for example, a marathon of Michael Jackson's hits? Finally, this virtual DJ supports playlists, sets BPM and transitions from one song to another. If you want to do a live broadcast for a web radio, this includes it too.

It's easy to play DJ by placing the tracks on the turntables. In general, you have two turntables that you can mix, swap, change the volume, and so on.

It is available in Deepin Store or quickly sudo apt install mixxx.


GIMP (or Glimpse) edits images in an advanced way. It covers various functions like select, clone or transform. Accepts brushes of all types, textures and filters written in Python.

It is used mainly for photomontage although it expands to drawings with some ingenuity. In addition, it has the well-known layers to touch up details. Despite this, there are competitors that are easier to master such as LazPaint or focused on artistic drawing such as Krita Y OpenToonz.

The photo editor is available in Deepin Store or quickly sudo apt install gimp.

Blender It is a tool focused on the model and rendering of 3D images, whether photorealistic or not. It has several functions, due to the creative freedom it offers. Additional point for offering free plugins for CAD.

You shouldn't worry about starting in a gray cube. You can transform this cube as if it were clay. Create other shapes for the joints and edit or color the meshes to give it an original look.

Blender is available in the repositories, that is, with sudo apt install blender. It is not the only way to get, well a volunteer created an Appimage version so you can get the latest one.

Which useful apps on the list do you already consider favorites?

Or do you prefer only the original Deepin?

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Andres Mateo
Andres Mateo (@andresmateo)
20 días atrás

Thank you very much Diego. I already saved this information in my favorite pages.

Эли (@eli)
20 días atrás

Very good selection of applications, some had heard, but did not know much about them, thanks for the collaboration Diego.

Car (@car)
20 días atrás

Very good Diego, I would add the deepin manual that we should all read.

jhalo (@jhalo)
20 días atrás

Great, thank you Diego

Jare GM
Jare GM (@jaregm)
20 días atrás

Diego, I don't get the accounts.
I am missing ... 12? of the 15 applications.
Thanks for sharing your experience.
A greeting.

Jare GM
Jare GM (@jaregm)
Respondiendo a  Jare GM
20 días atrás

I correct myself.
I just saw the access tabs to the rest of the applications.
Many thanks.

Alex Arismendi
Alex Arismendi (@alex-arismendi)
20 días atrás

Excellent contribution Diego, some already used

TaZ69 69
TaZ69 69 (@taz6969)
19 días atrás

Thank you very much for sharing 😉

Juanca (@juanca)
19 días atrás

Hello, nice article, because since I already use libreoffice, vlc and gimp, the one that interested me is the conky since it allows me to see various parameters such as time and memory uses….

mcwill54 (@mcwill54)
17 días atrás

I like MuseScore, Darktable, Audacity… but everything in the latest version
Thanks for sharing the apps above. Cheers

Martin Ferrero
Martin Ferrero (@martinferrero)
8 días atrás

Many of these I already knew, but some not, interesting suggestions, thank you very much.

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