UPDATE 2020-11-25

The system just got a new update. Some applications of Deepin They are updated this time to further optimize the user experience, including Disc Manager, File Manager, Music, Video, Camera, etc. Fix some vulnerabilities in the module and improve system security. The following are a summary of the updates:


  • Fixed issue where only half of text is displayed on 3rd line of desktop file renaming
  • Fixed the issue that the login page is not displayed when moving the mouse to directly enter the system after the screen saver takes effect for 1 second
  • Fixed issue that the numeric keypad will be disabled by default in the login interface every time you log on or log off, and you have to press the Numluck key to open it.

Control center

  • Resolving the problem that the size setting in the control center does not take effect after logging off the system
  • Fixed the "Accessibility" option in the Control Center shortcut keys
  • Resolving the problem that there is no warning when filling in the network configuration information incorrectly

File Manager

  • Fixed the problem that the file size of the mobile phone is abnormal and cannot be opened after copying files larger than 1M to the mobile phone

File Compress Manager

  • Fix the problem that the compressed package encrypted with .rar cannot be opened probabilistically

Window manager

  • Troubleshooting abnormal icons when opening multitasking view in KVM virtual machine


  • Troubleshooting Wireless Network is Dimmed and Network Signal Strength is Not Displayed
  • Fixed issue that input method icon is not showing probabilistically
  • Fixed the problem that the taskbar position is adjusted to the left and the magic lamp window still appears from the bottom
  • Fixed issue where blue plum blossom icon is displayed in taskbar after installing wine app

Deepin terminal

  • Fix for the problem that the prefix will continue to increase when the terminal window size is changed when the terminal prefix is ​​too long

Third party applications

  • Fixing hang issue when opening system settings after installing system settings

We hope you like the update and don't forget to report any bugs or problems you may have during or after the update. Bug reports help developers fix problems faster and keep improving Deepin every day.

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Эли (@eli)
3 meses atrás

Thanks for the timely information G4SP3R.

Ernesto Junco
Ernesto Junco (@ernesto_junco)
3 meses atrás

I still don't get this update.

LeviB (@levib)
Answering to Ernesto Junco
3 meses atrás

Do sudo apt update && sudo apt full-upgrade In the terminal.

Isaías Gätjens M
Isaías Gätjens M (@igatjens)
Answering to Ernesto Junco
3 meses atrás

Hello, check the settings for the performances in the control center, and make sure the option to automatically check for updates is activated.

Ernesto Junco
Ernesto Junco (@ernesto_junco)
Answering to Isaías Gätjens M
3 meses atrás

Thanks later it showed up and I was able to update.

TonyRevuelta (@tonyrevuelta)
3 meses atrás

I'm glad to see that they are sending out patches that are really focused on fixing the bugs, that's what they should do instead of adding so many new things.

Isaías Gätjens M
Isaías Gätjens M (@igatjens)
Answering to TonyRevuelta
3 meses atrás

Hello, remember that Deepin is a company and is part of Tongxin Software, whose objective is to create not only an operating system but an entire ecosystem to replace Windows in China and then compete with Windows and Mac in the rest of the world.

That is why Deepin needs to develop many new things. To be fair, keep in mind that you are splitting the mother more than any other distribution at the moment. So taking that into consideration and that they are also giving away their software, I consider it fair to be patient at this stage, especially since it is evident that they have the will to make the system work as well as possible.

Sure, it is a shame and even a disappointment the bugs that it is presenting, but they will make everything work better.

Ruben Respinoza
Ruben Respinoza (@ruben-respinoza)
Answering to Isaías Gätjens M
3 meses atrás

It is very true, I was used to Deepin 15 but 20 is a jump and a very ambitious bet, and it is not only the operating system, it is mail, browser, system monitor download assistant among many. Initially I thought about giving up but I decided to go through this development step by step and it looks like it looks very good. It's not perfect for now, but it's going to hit really hard and it will be the number 1 distro in no time. For my part I stay with deepin

Simone Boldrin
Simone Boldrin (@simoneboldrin)
3 meses atrás

Good job, thanks to all the staff you follow DEEPIN

Rigo Hernandez
Rigo Hernandez (@rigohernandez96)
3 meses atrás

Updated without problems.

XOdein (@xodein)
3 meses atrás


Zeus Arellano
Zeus Arellano (@zeusarellano)
3 meses atrás

Today I installed the update and now in GRUB I have 2 options to start Mac OS X, I clarify that I do not have Mac OS installed, I have dual boot with Windows 10, so it seems very strange that now in the entries of the GRUB appears Mac OS X to me. Did someone else happen to it?

Guillermo Pucheta
Guillermo Pucheta (@guillermopucheta)
3 meses atrás

I did the update and now I have no option to maximize, minimize, restore and close the windows, and I can't drag them either. Does anyone else present this situation?
I have Deepin in an archlinux.

Guillermo Pucheta
Guillermo Pucheta (@guillermopucheta)
Answering to Guillermo Pucheta
3 meses atrás

I answer myself, I had kwin installed so I uninstalled it and installed deepin-wm. I hope it works for someone else with the same situation.

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