Yesterday Wednesday, 20 November an ISO image leaked from UOS 20, an operating system that works Deepin Wuhan Technology Co. Ltd and it is evidently based on the Deepin we already know, it is necessary to clarify that we are not sure that UOS Deepin 20 and 20 are the same. We have to wait for official statements in the coming days to clear more questions. With this filter we can see many of the new features announced for the next installment of Deepin. So part of the Spanish team in Deepin we show you the main new features views this leak!

A UOS 20 installing in a virtual machine warns us that requires a minimum capacity of 64GB of storage to be installed and a 128GB for optimal performance. However in real-installation testing machine, using advanced partitioning a 320GB hard drive, we have successfully installed a 20GB partition.



Now we have the view that partitions be created indicating the type of file system in which it will create, thus leaving a detailed view and easy to interpret by the user.



The first impression is nice distribution, an interface more careful with rounded edges and polished, it's easy to switch between users.



In the enter the system we see that we retain this minimalist style with new features and new icons package, you notice that this worked for quite some time.


Clearly the rumors on the disappearance of the vertical control center that come to confirm this ISO filtered, it is true that now they will introduce new functionality.

Include major improvements, now they will be able to set a color in the system, including the black subjects opting for automatic mode and updating the kernel to version 4.19, among other improvements.



Novelty also we have a renewal in the file manager with new structure, functions and icons.

You'd also left a series of videos so you can see the latest news that brings this distribution!

If you want to start to dive deeper into the new look, We provide the new icons that brings Deepin 20, we leave 2 packs available to install can. You only have to enter / usr / share / icons right click open in window as administrator and paste the folder containing icons and choose them from the center of control. We also are going to leave the wallpaper that are included have to stick them in / home / user / Pictures and set the one you like as background and voila!

37.21 MB 686 Descargas

Finally, if you got intend to try this new distribution I leave the links so you can download the ISO image, but The exact origin is unknown to this, So discretion is advised (install only on virtual machines). We are not responsible if your system is compromised so take appropriate precautions.


What do you think about it?

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Peka Producciones

Because not ... talking about adventures I have ventured to install it on a physical disk (a few minutes ago only) and I'm fighting with configurations such as repos (originally not work but Deepines appears between them) and the Google Chrome browser ( although giving a ruling unimportant sources is arranged by installing the downloaded deb "sudo dpkg -i (nombredelarchivo.deb) and I am from sailing registered on this page.
Es toda una aventura y me lo voy a pasar pipa destripando esta extraña distro que ha aparecido «filtrada» no se si por chinos o rusos pero que sirve para juguetear un poco y ver como será el futuro de Deepin si es que van por aquí los tiros.
Si me deja adjunto unas capturas……



Yo no he tenido aun la oportunidad de jugar con ella, a ver si lo hago este fin de semana, veo que estas excitado con ella hasta ahora 🙂 Estoy seguro que el producto final sera aun mucho mejor.

Peka Producciones


Así es, aunque ya se me acabó….la he roto un poco, no instala nuevos kernels, el audio se rompe,algún bug gráfico….pero me gustó probarla,ha sido divertido por un rato y la verdad que pinta genial.
Tal vez sea la distro del futuro si es que es Deepin mejor que mejor,de momento se queda en una Alpha-Beta muy chula para probar en virtuales XD
Un saludo




Interesante pero parece estar muy incompleto comparado con los videos que aparecen el canal de youtube de deepin. gracias por los iconos!

Luis Vicente Castillo Corbella

Excelente, pero no se puede instalar nada, y los repositorios a pesar de que se supone se pueden cambiar no parecen poder usarse, quise cambiar ese navegador chino que no entiendo pero supongo sera una versión de firefox o chrome por algo mas entendible y no se puede instalar nada a pesar de tener el archivo .DEB descargado en mi máquina.

Jare GM

Hay que tener en cuenta que es una beta (?) filtrada. Ni chinauos, ni deepin lo han dado a conocer de forma oficial.
En esta «versión» ni siquiera aparece el lanzador de aplicaciones distribuida en la pantalla de forma horizontal, del que se ha hecho gala en los vídeos que muestran los cambios venideros, sino en la forma que aparece todavía en la versión actual 15.11.
Eso sí, en el apartado OTROS de las app. aparece «Comentarios de usuarios» que los envía al feedback de deepin.

Rafa Vazquez

Capaz y esa sea la version para los dispositivos Huawei, aunque si ese fuera el caso nos llegaria primero a nosostros y cuando esté mas pulido y estables les llegaria a ellos.

Wilmer Alvarez M.

Deepin getting better ......

Osvaldo Daniel Cardozo

Cool videos, thank you very much Thomas. Thank you for existing DeepinES

Luis Serrano

Many developments in this Deepin, hopefully we can simply update.

Allium Sapiens

My God how ugly it is…. those childish rounded corners, big fonts, no sidebar menu….All that was best in deepin went down to hell and replaced by chinese will to copy everything from the others. Even the wallpaper was stolen from elementary OS. Filer manager – the ugliewst thing ever seen in Linux distros. What a disaster

Luis Vicente Castillo Corbella

Deepin en español, escribe en español o busca un foro en ingles, cuando he intentado escribir en español en foros en ingles siempre hay alguien que me exige usar ingles, no veo porque aquí tengamos que ser diferentes.



The difference is that this is an international community and we have no such rules, cheers!

La diferencia es que esta es una comunidad internacional y no tenemos ese tipo de reglas, ¡saludos!


Allium Sapiensallium Sapiens welcome to the community, some people have strong opinions about the upcoming version, still I have to remind you that this still in Alpha state, not even released as a beta yet, I’m sure it will look a lot better when it comes out next year probably. I myself am one of the few people that prefer the new control panel in v20, I find it a lot better in terms of usability even though I understand that the current control center is more beautiful and aesthetically much better, but unfortunately  not fully well implemented in my humble opinion.

Still I support those who want the side panel control center style back in V20, we’ll see what they decide.   


Ernesto Junco

Recommend install this? that advantages over 15.11? thanks.


The mere mera, would not recommend, is an alpha, now if you like adventure, go ahead, you can try it.

Rigo Hernandez

Icons good, thank you.

Luis Vicente Castillo Corbella

Alguien ha conseguido que UOS se actualize o se pueda instalar algun programa, porque yo no, ni siquiera teniendo localmente el .DEB.