Acknowledgments page

Thank you for visiting Deepin in Spanish. In this section of thanks, we focus on the Deepin community in Spanish, and the roles that participate. Be part of the page About Us.

Postit Gracias
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What do we consider on the list

In this list we count at important collaborations. Please, if you participate frequently in the forum or the group but you are not included in the list, do not worry. We will continue to add new sections to the community, stay tuned!

Note: This list is subject to change, according to the Terms of Use.

Acknowledgments list

  • To Jhalo, for the creation of the Deepin in Spanish Telegram group.
  • Car and Alejandro Camarena, design by Tide Y Halo. More in the article Beautify with these icons.
  • Eli Linares and Pablo, developers of the website deepinenespañ and their respective podcast.
  • Alvaro Samudio, various collaborations.
  • Diego Sanguinetti, various collaborations.
  • Akiba Illusion, web design, video editing.
  • J. Fenoll for offering the Alicante server, available in the settings.
  • Deepin Latin Code, participants of the repository «Deepines»and heDevelopment Center.


  • Alex Ávalos by
  • Kevin and Melody from Deepin Techonology. They are in charge of announcing news and translations.
  • A Pixabay for providing the illustrations and photographs.
  • for being based on some computer terms.
  • To the old people who chose to grow the number of users. Thanks to you, we continue to grow and be the first exclusive community for Deepin users.