Today we are going to learn a little about Tor, the Privoxy service and how to configure them in deepin.


It stands for The Onion Router, a project bycommunications network low latency, distributed and spread over the Internet. It acts as follows: the transit or routing of messages are exchanged between users without revealing their identity such as their IP address (that is, it seeks anonymity at the network level) and, in addition to maintaining the integrity and secrecy of the information that travel for it. For this reason it is said that this technology belongs to the so-called darknet or dark network also known by the name of deep web or deep web.

To achieve these objectives, Tor has been developed as a free software that proposes the use of onion routing so that messages travel from the origin to the destination through a series of special routers called 'onion routers'. routers). The system is designed with the flexibility necessary so that it can implement improvements, be deployed in the real world and can withstand different types of attack. However, it has weak points and cannot be considered a foolproof system.

This is not a peer-to-peer network, compared to Bittorrent, since on the one hand there are the users of the network and on the other the traffic routers, some of which act as a directory service.


It is a program that works as a proxy server frequently used in combination with Squid. It has advanced filtering capabilities to protect privacy, modify the content of web pages, manage cookies, control access, and remove ads, banners, pop-ups, and other unwanted elements from the Internet. Privoxy has a very flexible configuration and can be customized to suit individual needs and tastes. Privoxy is useful for both isolated systems and multi-user networks.


Installation: Its installation is done by terminal using the following command

sudo apt-get install tor privoxy -y 

Configuration:Its configuration is very simple but remember that it is a personalized tool.

nano /etc/privoxy/config

Press CONTROL + W to search for "hide-console" which will be the end to add the following

forward-socks5 / .

Or add

forward-socks5 / .

forward-socks4 / .

forward-socks4a / .

Now we add in the control center from the network and internet configuration in the proxy section of the system we select PROXY MANUAL:

  • HTTP proxy:
  • SSL proxy:
  • SOCKS host:

Now we run:

service tor start 

service privoxy start

Or you can do it well.

sudo /etc/init.d/privoxy start

sudo /etc/init.d/tor start

With this configuration you can check in the configuration of your browser in the option. If you want to check the ip you have then installcurlwith the following command:

sudo apt-get install curl

We try to check the new IP from another terminal with this command:


And so you can browse anonymously. Of course, more privacy means that the Tor network is slow but it is the price to pay to stay safe. Enjoy it!

Article produced by Alvaro Samudio (@ G4SP3R )

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Эли (@eli)
3 años atrás

Here if I am learning, I did not know much about this topic, thanks for the excellent article.

G4SP3R (@g4sp3r)
Respondiendo a  Эли
3 años atrás

You're welcome, being anonymous has its advantages, the internet but also its disadvantages, the cost to pay is the speed of data transfer

Эли (@eli)
Respondiendo a  G4SP3R
3 años atrás

Alvaro is very well explained. and if it has its pros and cons but for some it is essential.

Martín López
Martín López (@martinlopez)
1 año atrás

Very interesting article, thanks! share

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