the excellent office automation alternative

An integrated desktop and online office suite with a collaboration platform to manage
documents, projects, equipment and customer relations in one place.

In Deepin and Linux in general we have a lot to choose from when it comes to office suites, in past writings we have talked about some of these alternatives. In this article Sergey Zarubin active member of the project Scensio System SIA (www.onlyoffice.com) will present us with a much better prepared option for online collaboration than other Google-style suites. ONLYOFFICE also comes with full support for Spanish, and it is a suite that we have not talked about before.

Good news from ONLYOFFICE! The ONLYOFFICE office suite has released a new version of its desktop editors. It is now possible to open multiple documents in multiple windows. The editors also got closer to the functionality of the online version and got many new features:

  • In the text editor: symmetric margins and gutter margins to prepare your documents for publication and captions for images, graphics, tables and other objects to structure your illustrations.
  • In the spreadsheet editor: custom classification rules to quickly analyze data, bulk actions with worksheets, recalculation of formulas, new adjustments - custom separator and spell correction rules.
  • In the slideshow editor: adding objects to the placeholder and instantly resetting the slides.
  • In all editors: advanced list settings - possibilities to change bullet alignment, size / color, choose new bullet types from the symbol table and manage multi-level lists.

Learn more about the new version on our blog in Spanish at: www.onlyoffice.com/blog/en/

ONLYOFFICE desktop editors are available free for Windows, Linux, and Mac OS. Download the editors from our website: www.onlyoffice.com/en/desktop.aspx

If you have any questions or issues of interest, please do not hesitate to contact me.


At the moment Deepin can only install ONLYOFFICE using the Snap and Flatpak packages. Once Deepines 4.0 arrives, it will be available in .deb format as preferred by most.

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Eli (@eli)
1 month ago

It is an excellent alternative to the rest, very fluid and with many collaboration features.

Martin Valladares
Martin Valladares (@mvalladares2006)
1 month ago

I like it, it looks very good and everything in Spanish, it hurts that you have to use snaps.

Rosita954 (@rosita954)
1 month ago

I have used it on Android for some time, although with some bugs it is a decent suite I would say, is it time to install it in deepin?

Daniel Cruz
Daniel Cruz (@danielcruz)
1 month ago

It looks very nice, I'm going to try it. My office suite so far is WPS Office.

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