In this edition of the system (15.9.1) get the first modifications and corrections in addition to the 15.9 patch for the recently known vulnerability APT


  • dae 15.9.1 with bug bub for overwintering and be displayed on multiple screens.
  • apt updated to version 1.8.0 ~ beta1 + Deepin to correct the security flaw
  • the error that pressing the shortcut Super + D to show the desktop and then set the wallpaper, desktop icons were not hidden and could not preview the wallpaper was corrected;

Control center

  • separate switches the sound effects added;
  • SSTP support VPN and VPN proxy added;
  • TLS error that was not available when creating OpenVPN corrected;
  • the error that the security mode access point could not be established in WEP was corrected;
  • the error that the time in the bottom of the list of notifications saw cut was corrected;


  • the "Hibernate" option was added by right-clicking the button off;
  • the charging icon is improved in the system tray;
  • the error that autostart applications did not use the SNI protocol to record the tray was corrected;
  • the error that control the size of tooltips off button did not change the system font size corrected;
  • the error that had a blank in the dock in some cases to drag and drop icons to couple on the touch screen was corrected.


  • Fixed search box in mini mode;
  • the error in full screen mode, icons are displayed in half and then jumped to open the launcher was corrected.


  • Deepin File Manager 4.7.5-1 Aggregated advanced search function;
  • Deepin Store abnormal interface after removing the applications on the list of donations corrected.
  • Movie Deepin 3.2.19-1 the error that the mini mode is not displayed when you click it in the context menu in maximum mode was corrected.
  • 3.2.1 Terminal Deepin shortcuts (Ctrl + Alt + arrow keys) were added to adjust the size of the part after splitting the window.
  • Screenshot of Deepin 4.1.7-1 He added the function, press Shift and then click the Save button to save the screenshot.
  • Deepin Package Manager 1.3.0-1; Deepin Music 3.1.14-1; Deepin Graphics Driver Manager 1.1.4-1; Repair Deepin 1.0.11-1 Translations were updated.
  • 5.3.2 HTYWeather the bug that was not displayed in the dock supplements corrected; API was changed to to support weather forecast worldwide and added support for icon themes.

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evandrodomingues (@evandrodomingues)
1 year ago

Excellent upgrade. But I have a problem: HTYWeather add does not appear to me. My system has a problem?

Eli (@eli)
Answering to evandrodomingues
1 year ago
Answered by: evandrodomingues

Excellent upgrade. But I have a problem: HTYWeather add does not appear to me. My system has a problem?

Hello Avatar evandrodomingues, Welcome to the community, are you sure you have the plugin enabled on the dock HTYWeather? be sure to click with the right mouse in any area of ​​the dock and select "plugins" HTYWeather make sure there is activated.

DeepinScreenshot 20190130191642
Pablo ParaAndroides
Pablo ParaAndroides (@pabloparaandroides)
Answering to Eli
1 year ago

I would not appear:

Maria Tovar
Maria Tovar (@mariatovar)
Answering to evandrodomingues
1 year ago

I would spend the same; I just yesterday I did a clean install of then update, no plugin I get the time and worse with other applications feel the same, in a word noaparecen in the store.

TonyRevuelta (@tonyrevuelta)
1 year ago

Deepin continues to improve, stable as a rock here, very nice new weather widget and maintain excellent safety as a priority.

Maria Tovar
Maria Tovar (@mariatovar)
1 year ago

Deepin in the shop there is a bug that does not allow applications that should be displayed as the plugin time. To give an example pinchas category flatpack and applications do not appear.

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