You have just entered the new update of deepin 15.9.2 below we show you some of its news.

File Manager

This time the relevant news falls on the deepin file manager; to which some design modifications have been made in the address bar to facilitate dragging it, when clicking with the mouse pointer or with the finger on touch screens.

As can be seen in the images, it is now presented with a monolithic structure that will change to the previous style, only if we click on the search magnifying glass or on the icon that activates the advanced search mode.

Como la edición direcciones ya no esta disponible en el nuevo modo, se agrego un submenu desplegable con botón derecho, para editar rutas y acceder a las opciones de la barra de direcciones.

The properties of the files will now have a keyboard shortcut (Ctrl i) which allows you to quickly open the property sheet of the selected file or folder, without being forced to display the contextual menu.

Likewise, if you display the property sheet of a deleted file and that is inside the trash, you can see the original path, from where it was deleted.


Work has been done to resolve technical details reported by users in deepin applications that arrive with a new version such as Music, Videos, the font installer, etc. A process of withdrawal of translation packages has also begun when compiling the applications, which seeks to speed up the correction or missing in future translations, without having to update the specific application.

Finally, we highlight the following items as relevant.

  • Added notifications in case of dependency failure in the control center.
  • Pop-up notifications when removing a connected device.
  • Video driver installer improvements for some Intel GPUs. they couldn't complete the shift to the throttle driver.
  • Improved support for some Samsumg phones not showing when connected via USB.

For more information go to deepin.org

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JulioPerfecto (@julioperfecto)
2 años atrás

Good update, I don't know if it's placebo effect but I feel it faster after I download this, thanks for keeping us posted.

Céssar (@ppjc72)
1 año atrás

Ctrl-l to edit the bar directions

Luis Cruz
Luis Cruz (@luiscruz)
2 años atrás

My desktop stopped working after the update, the dock no longer appears, nor do keyboard shortcuts work.
Use the htop and it shows me 100% cpu usage from dde

Any solution? My distro: c was literally unusable

Luis Cruz
Luis Cruz (@luiscruz)
Respondiendo a  Car
2 años atrás

So I was updating some packages and I used sudo apt-get upgrade and it appeared to me about the update, and I updated it.

Luis Cruz
Luis Cruz (@luiscruz)
Respondiendo a  Car
2 años atrás

Well, I did not know that, I will try to execute the command from the tty to see how it goes and I notice that it happened, thanks.

Luis Cruz
Luis Cruz (@luiscruz)
Respondiendo a  Car
2 años atrás

Well, no, it came to me:
0 upgraded, 0 newly installed, 0 to remove and 0 not upgraded.

Luis Cruz
Luis Cruz (@luiscruz)
Respondiendo a  Car
2 años atrás

Well now, it will be time to reinstall, thanks

Alejandro Aponte
Alejandro Aponte (@alejandroaponte)
2 años atrás

hello friends, I want to know how to install yandex disk in deepin 15.9-2 stable

Deepin En Español
Deepin En Español (@deepin-en-espanol)
Respondiendo a  Alejandro Aponte
2 años atrás

Dear Alejandro, please, make your inquiry in the community forum. There several users of our community will be able to respond. Thank you for your collaboration.

We would like to know what you think, join the discussion.x