NOTICE: This article will be updated as Deepin reveals more information.

Contrary to the frenetic cadence of updates that we had some time ago, however, it has been about two months since we received the last major system update when it was released. released build 11031.002 for Deepin 20.1. Wuhan however he has not been resting on his laurels during this time at all.

The company has been giving us clues and small revelations about what is coming in the next compilations of the revered Deepin. Or as they announced it in their forum "New features that should appear in the next few days." Among those announced are:

New addition to the application Disk Manager (Disk Manager) New feature for scanning and verifying or repairing bad sectors on disks.

New feature to the App Screen Capture (Screenshots) It is now possible to see a timestamp of the duration of the screenshot or desktop while recording.

New features added toDeepin Text Editor (Text Editor) Now it is possible to Highlight the current line, that makes it much easier to locate the paragraph and specific line in which you work during the manipulation of text files. Added the ability to Show the bookmarks icon.

Helpful new features added to Deepin Mail (Email client) Among those mentioned are features such as the ability to Schedule email output from the inbox, easy switching from one email account to another in the compose window, as well as the facility to add email addresses. Email extras to a message from the compose window.


Undoubtedly all these new features will be well received by users of Deepin. The company also appears to be concentrating now on polishing and fixing bugs previously reported by users.

It is also very open to suggestions and requests these days, since they have been asking for opinions on possible new functions which would be liked by operating system users inviting them to send them through a form to which we leave a link below. Yes, Deepin would like to know exactly what you would like to see in future versions of the system and native applications.

Community Users Deepin in Spanish They responded to the request and have suggested the following characteristics:

  • Ability for the file manager to preview files Covers (Covers) of the albums in the music folders. (@car)
  • Ability to choose a custom color in the Deepin control panel (@ G4sp3r)
  • Creation of the option "Add New”To the context menu by right-clicking on the desktop (@Jhalo)
  • A plugin for the dock where the user can choose from a list of recently used items (@Eli)

If you like some of those and want to vote in favor of them, do not forget to visit the deepin forum and give your support to them, your cooperation and involvement in the initiative is appreciated.

Deepin is calling for all of us together to make Deepin a better system. This is a great opportunity to join and promote your own ideas and suggestions regarding Deepin. You can do it by opening your browser and going to the following URL: There you can tell Deepin's developers what improvements you would like to see in some of Deepin's native applications or in the system as such.

Likewise, if you are a bit shy or shy and don't feel comfortable with English, then feel free to comment here and leave your ideas as well. We will make sure to send them to the Deepin team. Come on, what would you like to see in the next editions of Deepin? Cheer up!

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domingoydori (@domingoydori)
29 días atrás

I would like that in the file manager when clicking with the right button of the mouse on a text file, pdf, libreoffice, etc., there was an option to print with or without the possibility of entering the printer properties to to be able to change print settings ... I'll leave that there to see if they will listen to me.

Frank Alvarez
Frank Alvarez (@franky08)
1 mes atrás

Great features to come, but I would like to see you care more about both audio and video driver support. I see a lot of problems in this regard. Otherwise magnificent Deepin!

Vicente Blanco
Vicente Blanco (@vicente544blanco)
1 mes atrás

A modo de crítica constructiva; Mi sugerencia antes que nada es que por favor se concentren en arreglar los bugs antes de continuar añadiendo cosas nuevas. Apoyo vuestras sugerencias.

JulioPerfecto (@julioperfecto)
1 mes atrás

Well, I join the deepin suggestions in Spanish, excellent ideas guys!

Alberto Jiménez
Alberto Jiménez (@alberto2003)
1 mes atrás

I would like you to add a plugin for the dock where you can see the speed and status of your wired or wireless network.

jesus david agudelo vallejo
jesus david agudelo vallejo (@jesusdavidagudelovallejo)
30 días atrás

I join the request of Frank Alvarez; it is very important to get better support for Video and Sound drivers. In my case, since Deepin was updated to Kernel version 5.10.5, the HDMI port does not work for me. I have an NVIDIA Geforce GTX Hybrid Accelerator card with Intel.

Mikhail Samotkan
Mikhail Samotkan (@mikhailsamotkan)
30 días atrás

In Deepin 15.11 there were excellent plugins: Clock, Netspeed, Weather. It would be nice to return them to Deepin 20.

Luis501 (@luis501)
30 días atrás

Deepin is fantastic, a suggestion that I have and that I would love to see it in some next update is with the video application, I would like to see all the videos that I have directly in the application, something like a movie library

Schwarz (@schwarz1973)
28 días atrás

I see that there are several novelties in Deepin which is quite good, first I think that this OS has achieved something that other distributions have not been able to do and is to aesthetically improve the desktop environment, which will bring more and new followers, now as far as applications I think should be aimed at enhancing Deepin Mail, Perhaps having a Softphone to give alternatives to Individuals, Small and medium-sized companies to have tools that make certain tasks easier, personally in my company we work with Ubuntu 20.04 and some computers with Deepin 20.1, and the idea in the medium term is to have all the units with a single operating system as the general standard of the company. Although Ubuntu is much more solid, the change they have made to SNAP has not been the most appropriate and because of this change we have started working with Deepin ...

Mazapan Panquecitojr
Mazapan Panquecitojr (@mazapanpanquecitojr)
28 días atrás

A mi lo que me gustaría es una app parecida a KDE connect para conectar el teléfono a tu pc o la app tu teléfono como en windows 10 , poder realizar llamadas y enviar mensajes desde la pc , también me gustaría que tuviéramos algo como las notificaciones push (creo que así se llaman) las que están en android y windows 10 , es que desde una notificación que te llegue por ejemplo un mensaje de twitter , ya en la misma notificación te deje responder dar rt o me gusta o en facebook responder un mensaje dar like o compartir , que las notificaciones sean mas útiles , estaría agradecido si pueden enviar mi mensaje .

Juan Carlos
Juan Carlos (@juan-carlos)
Respondiendo a  Mazapan Panquecitojr
28 días atrás

Great idea, I also join this proposal.

profiler 2.0
profiler 2.0 (@profiler-2-0)
22 días atrás

Эли It seems to me that the intention is to attract more users. Deepin already offers a very friendly interface, the "plus" would lie in leave more tools to "tune" the OS

fonts, themes, icons of all colors, transparent windows etc ...

Also although it is very easy to do it from the terminal (when you already know how hehehe), maybe a native application that calculate md5, sha256, sha1, etc. Also be attractive and useful.



victor valdebenito
victor valdebenito (@victor-valdebenito)
13 días atrás

I think that one of the new features that would be great could be implemented in the calendar synchronization through online accounts.

Luis Linux
Luis Linux (@ddluislinuxfinal)
Respondiendo a  victor valdebenito
5 días atrás

Seria algo muy bueno que activaran la sincronizacion del calendario, asi como esta es muy bonito y no niego que es muy bueno, pero cuando uno ya tiene todo en Google por ejemplo, lo ideal seria que sincronizara con eso y otros servicios.

Victor Oubiña
Victor Oubiña (@victoroubina)
27 días atrás

Excellent idea.
Well as the colleagues say here:

  1. Correct all existing bugs, before launching into more news.
  2. Add support for audio and video drives.
  3. As has already been discussed in another section, it would be good if the dock had configuration options: »to be able to edit the menu, adjust the size to your liking, better transparency, as other distros have»
  4. An App to connect mobile phones.

They are some suggestions, but at the rate they are going, I'm sure everything will improve, to date I am very happy with Deepin.

Victor Oubiña
Victor Oubiña (@victoroubina)
Respondiendo a  Эли
24 días atrás

Эли Thank you, if it is that, in the first version of deepin that I installed it was already installed with the system, so I thought it was gone but I will check to install it.
Hopefully the opinions take effect and continue to improve as well.

Victor Oubiña
Victor Oubiña (@victoroubina)
Respondiendo a  Victor Oubiña
22 días atrás

Another thing would be to be able to activate the numlockx at the beginning, that happened to me

Luis Serrano
Luis Serrano (@luis-serrano)
24 días atrás

Since they have so many apps that are part of deepin, I would like them to make one for virtual machines.

Ruben Respinoza
Ruben Respinoza (@ruben-respinoza)
23 días atrás

Эли Thank you ! I would like the touchpad gestures to return and also, native synchronization with cloud services from the file manager (google drive, onedrive, etc.), would it be too high a dream?

id552447169 (@edgardode-la-hoz)
19 días atrás

Although I have recently used it, I started in version 20, I notice that Deepin has improved a lot, agile, pleasant, stable and is already emerging as one of the best Linux distributions. It would be important that the store that is currently in version 1.3.3 be added in the future the functions of being able to uninstall the applications. And also that each application has a small description of its functions.

id552447169 (@edgardode-la-hoz)
Respondiendo a  Эли
18 días atrás

Thank you for your clarification, it helps me to be punctual in my comment. It is correct, I mean the Deepines Store.

Céssar (@ppjc72)
1 hora atrás

Pues algo que a mi me gustaría que funcionara al 100 % es poder hacer uso del teclado en cualquier aplicación sin hacer uso del ratón.

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