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Hello people, today I'm going to teach you how to start Deepin 20 beta in mode live. When we started with the Deepin 20 beta installer for the first time, many of us missed the "Deepin failsafe" option that we used to start in mode. live. In my opinion Deepin developers forgot to add this option, which by the way, should rename it as "Deepin live" or something similar.

Actually Deepin 20 beta can be started in mode live, either to test it or to do some repair or file rescue operation, among other things. The procedure is simple and short. We present the steps below.


I'm going to assume that they already have an installer created from the Deepin 20 beta ISO. If you want me to do a tutorial on how to create Deepin installers with different tools, let me know in the comments.

Menú de GRUB

Boot with the Deepin 20 beta installer and immediately press the «E» key to edit GRUB (if you are using BIOS or legacy mode, press «TAB»).

You must do this before the 5 second countdown ends and the installation process begins.

Look for the line that starts with "linux / live / vmlinuz ...", then look for the text "livecd-installer" and "locale = zh_CN".

Editor de GRUB

Using the arrow keys (up, down, left and right arrow keys) move the cursor and make the following changes.





Note: the cursor will move slowly, this is normal.

Modifications should look as shown below.

Editor de GRUB con cambios aplicados

Press the «F10» key to start Deepin 20 beta in mode live (if you are using BIOS or legacy mode, press «Enter»).

Pantalla de arranque de Deepin

Wait a bit and then you will see the Deepin 20 desktop.


A frequent problem with Deepin in mode live, is that the password of the user "Deepin Live User" is not known, so if the session is blocked, you cannot re-enter the desktop. What we are going to do is deactivate the password, so we can unlock the session.

Once on Deepin's desktop in mode live, open a terminal, you can use the key combination Ctrl + Alt + T to open it.

Abrir una terminal

Now execute the following command to deactivate the password of the user «Deepin Live User»

sudo passwd -du deepin
Ejecute comando

The result is as follows.

Resultado del comando

If the session is locked, type any password and then press «Enter»To unlock and re-enter the desktop.


If the session was locked before disabling the password and you cannot enter the desktop again, perform the following procedure.

Pantalla de bloqueo de sesión

Press Ctrl + Alt + F2 to open a terminal.

Abrir una terminal

Enter the following command to disable the password.

sudo passwd -du deepin
Ejecutar comando

The result is as follows.

Resultado del comando

Press Ctrl + Alt + F1 to return to graphical mode and type any password to enter.

Desbloquear sesión

You can now continue using the Deepin desktop in mode live.

Escritorio de Deepin


At the bottom of the GRUB menu and the edit window, basic instructions for modifying boot options are written.

Instrucciones del menú de GRUB
Instrucciones del editor de GRUB

If for some reason the next Deepin 20 ISO does not have the option to boot into mode live, this procedure will likely work too. At least with the most recent versions of the UOS installers it does work.

With this concludes this tutorial, I hope you find it useful. Happy testing!

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Simone Boldrin
Simone Boldrin (@simoneboldrin)
8 meses atrás

I know a solution, I think, faster and it is the following: «we start the iso, as soon as we have entered the language we click on CTRL + ALT + F2, at this point the terminal opens and here we write STARTX (in lowercase), we enter from the keyboard, at this point it starts in LIVE mode.

Эли (@eli)
8 meses atrás

Excellent tutorialIsaías Gätjens M, one of the best we have published

Luis Linux
Luis Linux (@ddluislinuxfinal)
8 meses atrás

Super tuto, thank you very much, a few days ago I was looking for how to do this precisely.

Vicente Blanco
Vicente Blanco (@vicente544blanco)
8 meses atrás

Very useful, I always wondered how it was done in deepin, I thought there was no such live mode, thanks for the info.

Rigo Hernandez
Rigo Hernandez (@rigohernandez96)
8 meses atrás

Excellent my people, you do not know how many times I have looked for how to do that, the first time I find the correct method. Thank you.

Mazapan Panquecitojr
Mazapan Panquecitojr (@mazapanpanquecitojr)
8 meses atrás

If I have some peripheral bugs I have to wait if they are solved in the next update, right?

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